Jan 2020 - Surprising month of $$ Gains from Carousell, Shopback, Angbaos

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

This month is a surprising month of gains from 3 things:
1. Carousell
2. Angbaos
3. Shopback

For Carousell, it was a surprising stroke of luck. In a short span of 20 odd days, we managed to earn $1018 from new and used goods 😛

For Angbao, it was surprising because I thought we'd be giving and not receiving. But, we still got $ from our parents and elder sibling 😛Granted we gave out more than we got back, but it does feel good to receive some hehe

For Shopback, hubby managed to get around $150 cashback 😲mainly from our 11.11 purchases, of which we received $75 for our Amazon purchase OMG. On my end, I just cashed out $20 odd dollars from Lazada 11.11 purchases and policypal travel insurances! Do you know you can earn cashback from purchasing insurances via policypal? Use "SAVEMONEY" in the promo code to receive 5% off your purchase!

Hope we continue such good luck in earning side money!