Tiq 3.60% 3-Year Endowment with min $5,000 savings

One year ago, I spoke about Tiq 3-year endowment plan at 1.62%.

This time, they are rolling out a 3.60% 3-year endowment plan with a minimum saving of $5,000!

Who is this useful for?

  • If you've max out your SSB and have spare funds, you may want to consider this
  • You are ok to spare your funds for 3 years. The min amount to put in is $5k
  • You are happy with their Guaranteed Maturity Benefit of 3.60%
  • Death benefit where they pay "101% of your single premium upon your demise" is a bonus. Choy, I hope nobody gets this


What I love about tiq is their fuss-free and simple sign-up. You can refer to my past posts where I blogged about my "investment" into them. I treat these as an alternative savings plan with additional protection benefits!
All you need is to visit this page, enter your details and the amount you'd like to save, and register your details with Singpass.

Do note that there's limited tranches and it's on a first come first serve basis, so I'm not sure when they will close the application. 


If you're keen on this 3.60% 3-year plan, you may wish to use my referral code under the referral code section - R104346. However, I must highlight that there's no perks/discounts on your end, so use it if you find my sharing useful 😊

As always, DYODD! :)

<Updates on 11 Nov>

Successfully subscribed a $10,000 premium in anticipation of tapering interest rates.