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Reflections during vacation leave - Covid-19, new thoughts, new job?

I am on 1 day leave for an interview. But more on that later. Since I've the whole day to spare, I shall do some verbal vomit here.


When we welcomed the start of a new decade, who would have known that within a month, there would be world-wide disruptions?

Chinese New Year this year had a common talking point - Wuhan virus (as how we term it that time). Jokes were aplenty about how we need to be careful of everything from Wuhan. "Wash your hands ah, dont spread wuhan virus to me.", "where is this pork from? Wuhan ah?" etc.

Later, WHO issued a change in name of the virus to Covid-19.

As time pass, Singapore got hit with more and more cases. Everyone got more cautious. Although it has only be 1 month since CNY, it felt like we all grew a lot within this period. Some grew idiotic (you get what I mean), some grew racist, while some grew more empathetic and kind. It was also during this time that masks and hand sanitisers became the MUST get for everyone. Honestly, till today, I only have 4 masks issued by the government (thank you very much). However, I do have anti-bacterial handwash all thanks to my dad who got them when I moved house.

Travel plans affected

Lately, more and more countries got hit by the virus, with the most shocking from South Korea where their cases skyrocketed. I had already purchased air tickets and my accommodations but given the current situation, it is likely that plans will be thwarted. Even though I had purchased travel insurance, I'm not sure if I will be compensated for air tickets. Not that worried about accommodation as there is free cancellation. This is a bumper, but I'm sure I'm not the only one fretting over this. Overseas travel this year will be very limited. Good thing I clocked many overseas trip last year :P

Looking out for stocks to purchase

With the worsening situation, you see more and more negative news regarding the economy. Many said it's time to enter the market - but how, when, what? I've been reviewing a few stocks but havent made any purchases yet. 

Holding back lump sum payment for house

It is during this time that I realised, having a war chest is really important. My husband talks about pumping $200k into our house as a wrong move, but let's not dwell over a done deal anymore. 

I am now being careful about pumping lump sum amount for my flat. I had been deliberating about making another $100k to reduce the interest for my housing loan, but given the current situation, it seems that holding cash is best. I will continue to make monthly instalment instead of lump sum payment.

On potential new job

I've been thinking about leaving my current workplace. I've submitted a few applications and managed to get an interview today. I'm not sure how I fared but I'm pretty hopeful that I will progress to the next round.

But, I worry if it is the right move. The thing is, I'm doing fairly well in my current place. I get to leave work on time, and I have delivered and been rewarded with decent performance grade. Looking back at my previous posts (here and here), I am glad that I came to a place which I can deliver at, without expending too much personal time despite my initial worries. However, I am not pleased with my current remuneration because I feel shortchanged. It is unlikely to be promoted anytime soon, and we all know promotion is what propels your salary higher.

As such, I am on a look-out, mainly for higher compensation. I am not sure if this is possible given the current economic climate, but the company I am interviewing for, can pay. Just not sure how much I can negotiate for. Yet, this company is also known for its stressful and long working hours. I'd then be trading higher monthly salary with my personal time. I know it's not worth it, but I'm also thinking, this might be the rare chance that I can propel my salary upwards. I'm still relatively young, but as time goes, my bargaining power may decrease as I need to take on leadership position for a high package. I don't have leadership abilities, and I know that so there's a limit to how far I can climb.

This company also has a good brand name and can propel me towards better opportunities. I will worry more once I get the offer, but just needed to think out loud as I've jumbled thoughts.

On family

What makes things a bit more tricky is, I am trying to conceive. I havent had much luck. People tell me not to stress myself, but it is easier said than done, especially when I see people who got married later, already pregnant. I know it isn't a competition, but I really want to have a baby when I'm young.

If I do get pregnant while job hunting, it is likely I would put all things on hold and continue to cruise in my current job. 

Anyway, all these are just random thoughts to clear my mind. The best is to pray for economy to turn better so that less livelihoods are affected (for those who prayed for recession just so you can score "cheap" stocks, shame on ya!)



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