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Made my CPF nomination online within 10 minutes

This post is to remind me that I've made my CPF nomination at the start of 2021...all within 10 minutes

It was an impromptu event.

I mean, I had wanted to do this since a long time, but never got around it. For one, I had difficulties finding 2 witnesses lol. But I realised I should just be thick skinned to ask.

Nice enough, the 2 witnesses replied instantly with their details ❤️❤️❤️

You can refer to the picture here on what details your witnesses need to provide:

- their IC number

- name as per IC

- email address

- mobile number

Anyway, the CPF nomination was sparked by CPF's video when I was browsing facebook - so CPF Social Media peeps, your post/intent is working. Here's the said video or you can click the link here:

I decided to do it because as what the video shared, if I pass away without a nomination, my CPF money will be distributed by intestacy law, takes 6 months to process, and requires fees for my family to receive my money. 

Whereas through a 10 minutes nomination, I could:

- determine the distribution of my CPF money

- shorten the processing time to 6 weeks

- no fees incurred

I feel this is a responsible thing to do while I'm still healthy and kicking. We all die some-day. While I hope to die at 100 years old peacefully, I can't predict what will happen realistically. Best to make plans while we are capable of doing so.

I hope this sparks you to do yours 😊


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