What am I saving for as a 30-year old?

I wanted a morbid title - If I drop dead, I'd hate myself for not spending my money. But since it's a new year, I shall make it less disgusting. You get the drift.

I thought about this on 30-31 Dec 2020 when I was feeling damn sick. I had bad gastric (thinking if I've gastric cancer), fever at 37.9 deg then dropping to 37.2 deg, then back up, then dropping to 36.8 deg (thinking if I've covid), backaches (again, is it Covid??). My brain was overthinking. While friends were hyped up for the new year, it was just a mundane day for my hub and I. No celebrations with friends and no fireworks to look forward to.

Anyway, I thought, IF I'm really sick, and I suddenly drop dead, I'd be pissed I didn't spend my money. With at least $350k accessible money now, what exactly am I accumulating for?

I've no kid. I don't need to leave a legacy.

My parents and husband and self-sufficient. 

So what am I saving for?

I pondered....and realised I've nothing I want. My goals of accumulating more money is for a sense of security. 

I don't crave for material things. I don't need cars or branded handbags (I wanted a Chanel but feel I've no class to carry them). I don't mind chasing for the newest iPhone every 2 years though my iPhone 11 pro max is working very well. But that seems to be it. 

I like to eat good food, but good food also meant famous hawker stalls that doesn't cost a lot. I'm over the cafe phase cause it's not nice (just for the ambience). I like occasional treats to fine dining but I'd also make sure I source for promotions.

The most expensive item I want...is a private property. I suppose this is what I'm saving for.

I'm also saving to pay the monthly mortgage, bills and insurances as long as I continue breathing. 

It is also to bring me through retirement if I want to retire at 40, all the way till 90-100 years maybe? 

Just talking to myself to understand what I want. 


  1. Haha I get you. I do have feelings like this too. Sometimes I think that I have a love hate relationship with money. I am well padded, spend less than my means, but I think so hard when I need to spend $3 more for something when I can walk 10 mins to get it cheaper. Damn Ah Soh. So much so that sometimes i wonder if I have some deep seated insecurity of being poor and having to depend on someone else.
    Congrats on being self sufficient at 30. 350k is a lot!

    1. :( I've been ah soh since young lol. I also think 350k is a lot, yet it's still "not enough" for me to totally stop working. 😫

  2. Hi, may I know how you managed to save so much cash 350k? Any tips? May I know how much you able to save monthly ?

    1. Hi, $350k is accessible cash which includes stocks portfolio (if I cash them out). You can refer to my past posts on how I grow my money -




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