2021 - 6th year of SA/RA top-done. $7k for self, $7k for mum

Blogging about my financial moves is good. I had the impression I started topping up my SA and my mum's since 2015, but it was actually since 2016 (see here and here).

This is my 6th year topping up, which meant a good $84,000 into my mum and my CPF 😱. Not forgetting a blunder I made in 2019 where I top-up ~$6k cash for MA only to be refunded. I've forgotten the story because I didn't blog about it (it was drafted halfway). 

Anyway, here's locking down in my little virtual journey that I've just done the cash top-ups via paynow today. 

I will egg my husband to do the same as my SA has outdone his. Afternote - settled his top-up.