My Daily Apps Routine 2021

In Mandarin, there's a phrase called 手机不离身. To translate, this means our mobile phones being an integral part of our life/body - we need to constantly hold and have it near us. I got reminded of this phrase as I was about to jot my thoughts. That came from my mum.....who nags that we are constantly on our phones haha

I used to have a habit of turning off my phone at night to:

- save battery

-remove radiation

- prevent calls/msgs from disturbing me

But I no longer do so. In fact, my phone is on 24/7, and I even put it beside my bed while I sleep. The phone is smart enough to set "Do Not Disturb" mode come bedtime as well. 

Anyway, this post serves to share the apps I used the moment I wake up and throughout the day. Perhaps years down the road, new apps would overtake the old ones? 

And yup, first thing I wake up is to grab my phone!

  1. Tiger Brokers App
    • Daily routine to collect tiger coins. I currently have 7000 coins, still far from the 18k coins to claim a $88 stock voucher. 
    • Check on SG, US and HK stocks
    • If you've not gotten a brokerage account that offers low fees and allows you to transact overseas stocks, perhaps head over to my guide and sign up with my referral link?
  2. Investingnote - to read up posts by local posters
  3. Whatsapp - as I get older and socialise less, I barely have much messages here!
  4. Telegram - I follow a few channels, from crypto to news channels like ST and personal financial channels like 1M65 and seedly
  5. Facebook - no longer a platform to check on friends' updates. Firstly, most "friends" dont post on FB anymore. Secondly, I don't quite bother what they post since it's not my business haha. I mainly check FB to see if there's any breaking news. Psst my fav FBer is Ho Ching (go google if ydk her). She is one of my main source of knowledge from world to local news to memes and jokes! Some of the jokes she fwd is really quite funny. 
  6. Hodlnaut - just to feel good seeing the gains and interest. You can read my guide to set up this crypto-earning account and sign up with my referral if you don't have one!
    • Just a comment that the app is not exactly the most user-friendly. I always got logged out and have to sign in again. Plus their interest bar has some glitch.
  7. Celsius - just to feel good seeing the gains and interest. You can read my guide to set up this crypto-earning account and sign up with my referral if you don't have one!
    • Loving this app so far. Very easy to use and I've talked about why I love this platform here. Just hope I don't jinx these perks after praising them. 
  8. - just to feel good seeing the gains and interest. You can read my guide to set up this crypto-earning account and sign up with my referral if you don't have one!
    • While this is my latest sign-up due to their great promotion of S$100 coins and NFT, I still prefer Gemini more given it's ease of use, but crypto allows storing more coins like Nano which I had
  9. Gemini - to check the price of BTC, ETH etc. My guide and referral link are here.
  10. Milieu app to check if there's surveys to be done. If you don't know Milieu, you can head over to my 8 sources of income post! And if you havent sign up this easy to use survey platform, download the app and key in my code for us to get 500 points each. For comparison, you need 10,500 points to get $10 cash.


  11. Instagram - I use this mainly to look back at my food and travelling archive! And catch up on gossips like sgcickenrice 
  12. Tiktok - like many, I felt like a boomer when it comes to Tiktok and I thought I'd never download it. But....once I downloaded it, I got hooked. Sometimes I could sit there scrolling for an hour plus despite the platforms hosting short clips of mostly less than minutes! I've also created my own tiktok channel to share budget deals I find. I haven't been heading out much, so my sharing would be sparse but hey, if you're bored, maybe follow me, give a like to the deals I share and await for more budget deals? 😛 
  13. Shopee - I used to login everyday to collect coins....but somehow I just stopped. I find their flash deals not that attractive anymore. But! Their $0.10 vouchers for you to get cheaper discounts at breadtalk etc are pretty good. I got it a few times when I was out and running!
  14. Lazada - daily routine to check out their flash sale items! I've gotten a couple of items cheaper than usual! One example below!


Scored a daily cleanser for less than $6! ##corsx ##salicylicacid ##cleanser ##lazada ##flashdeal

♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio

Till then!