Part 4 - referral bonus of USD$50 and NFT reveal (underwhelming)

Oopsie. I was supposed to reveal my NFT but work caught up and I've forgotten about it.

Until, I was reminded by a notification that there's a special referral promotion running now.

2 things:

1. NFT reveal

Earlier, I shared about the enticing promotion by here. By signing up as a new user, you'd get $100 CRO coin plus a NFT! Unfortunately, this promotion has ended. It was a great promotion for me though - especially after crypto transactions via Binance would be greatly limited.

Anyway, for those who are curious how the NFT look like, it was pretty underwhelming. At first, when I saw it animate, I thought it would "crack open" and reveal a unique character or something. 

You can search for mooncake in their NFT platform or visit here to see how it looks like. That's not mine btw. I don't intend to sell mine, neither do I think anyone will buy it😬...unless they come up with a use case (hopefully?)

2. USD$50 referral bonus

If you missed out the earlier promotion, is offering a US$50 referral bonus with S$500 CRO purchase (you dont have to buy it in one shot). You can visit their link for more information

The campaign will run till 25 Oct 2021.

If you dont have friends' link, you may use my referral link or the code below :)