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I will become a Millionaire, for sure

The title is not a clickbait. 

In all honesty, I am going to become a millionaire for sure in my lifetime (assuming I don't die young, choy!).

I am very sure I'd become a millionaire, at least through CPF. Yup, 1M65, 1M48A is going to be a reality for me.

Based on my CPF projection, these are what I realised:

  • Next year, my OA + SA will reach FRS 
  • At 35, my SA alone will reach FRS (which means I can't do RSTU and get tax relief)
  • At 42, my SA alone will reach ERS 
  • At 47, my OA + SA + MA will reach $1m combined

But I am still not satisfied.

I don't think this is something worth shouting at. Millionaires decades ago vs today are vastly different in riches - what's more millionaires decades down the road. It's like me cracking lame joke in Indonesia that I'm a rupiah millionaire.

By the time I reach 50-60, I am sure there'd be many fellow millionaires. Everyone is so financially savvy these days. Heck, even students are multi-millionaires.

And by then, being a millionaire is probably today's peasant because cost of living is just going up. We all want economic progress anyway, so there's only upwards movement, not down. 

While at this stage, the CPF projections make me feel like quitting my job soon, I am unsure if I would have sufficient money from now till retirement age before CPF payouts kicks in. I know that I can survive within an allocated budget; I can survive on simple daily living expenses. What I'm worried of are sudden expenses - and off my head, it's medical bills, parents' medical bills, that my savings may not be able to cater. 

So, I will be rich (if the definition meant having S$1M) in my lifetime, but not rich rich to stop slogging.

Time to erase the sandcastle of being a useless citizen in my dream.

Anyway, what's your plan once you reach FRS? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Hi there,

    Must applaud you on your commendable savings achievement and trajectory. Yes, while many people including young people are more aware of the many money savings hacks and also the many avenues to invest, it still takes courage, determination and perseverance to follow through one's plan. Investment is not without risks, and many do get deterred when encountering a crisis or market meltdown.

    You rightly pointed out that for most working professionals, attaining a 7 figure networth in their lifetime is very achievable.

    And its also very possible for a working couple (professionals) to achieve 8 figure networth combined by the time they reach 65, or even younger.

    To attain 9 figure networth, however, one would need to be a successful business owner or lucky enough to pick the right crypto. Here winning the group 1 toto prize cannot help to put one into the 9 figure networth category.

    All the best in your networth building journey.

    1. Thanks for your comments and encouragement! 😊


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