CakeDefi Part 3 - Update of SGD$100 experiment 3 months later

Back in late Aug 2021, I shared about my SGD$100 experiment into CakeDefi
I was lured by the attractive % and also wanted to venture further beyond the usual BTC, ETH buys.

3 weeks later, I provided an update here.

Now that it's been 3 months+, here's how my gamble went:

Here are my thoughts:

The Yay 👍

  • My entry price was at SGD$3.90. With the price at SGD$6.35 now, coupled with the interest generated + US$30 referral reward earlier, I'm sitting on SGD$470.41 gain

The Boos 👎
  • I don't wish to paint the pic that I'm always sitting on paper gains. DFI coins is VOLATILE - I have not been monitoring this SGD$100 gamble much, but the few times I glanced at the DFI coin, it was a laggard compared to other coins. However, it is interesting that despite the BTC drop of 20% yesterday, DFI coin has held itself well.
  • APY% has been dropping. It started with 88.9% in Aug, to 73.6% in Sep, to 41.9% today. I haven't been monitoring the rate daily but it's great that I snapshot my past data for comparison


  • My sharing of my gains coincided with the increase in price of DFI coin. Whether DFI rises or drops, I've no control. Should DFI falls slightly below my entry price, I could be seeing red though it may be cushioned by the US$30 referral and the interest generated thus far. If DFI drops drastically, I'm prepared to lose my SGD$100🤡
  • I will continue to hold this bag/experiment to see how far my SGD$100 will go and do another update in the 6 mth mark.

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