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Thoughts 1-month into new workplace

It's been a month in my new job.

It's interesting to read back a post I made in my previous role here and I thought I would make some reference to it.

Similar as before, I am still adjusting to the new environment. However, the expectations now and then are different given the change in responsibilities.

The Good

  • Higher monthly salary than before but annual package works out similar 
  • No need to OT so far
  • Job upgrade since I'm taking an official supervisory/middle-management role (I was doing the same previously overseeing a few staff but it wasn't an official role)
  • Being able to WFH most of the times though this is due to Covid (I was able to WFH everyday previously though)
  • Better health benefits
  • Potentially a better stepping stone 
  • Escaped the toxic environment in previous company

The Bad

  • Sucky boss. It's hard to understand what the boss wants because he/she doesn't give clear directions and flips his/her words. He/she could say do A yet questioned why you didn't provide B-Z. The boss clearly has no leadership and the team has been complaining since I joined. Despite 1 month in, I am mentally preparing myself that I'd get scoldings and to find a way out after 1 year. 
    • I've given up hoping for a good leader in my career lifetime. I never had such luck. I suppose I could use these bad examples to become a better person myself.
  • No support group. I used to have lunch kakis and peers to complain to. Now that I'm a mini-boss, there seem to be a divide between the staff and me. I made efforts to have lunch with them and that's where they were open about their complaints of the boss. So far, things are pretty cordial between the team, but I sense that the subordinates are not that easy to handle.
  • I feel like an imposter. Now that I'm a supervisor, I am worried my subordinates think I'm not strong. And I feel like they have been judging me during our chats. I prefer to mingle with my staff but sometimes fear striking a balance between being close to them, and commanding respect when it comes to work. After office hours, I have anxiety thinking about unassigned/undone tasks. 
In gist, the good points are mainly monetary in nature, while the bad points are wrt culture and environment.

However, I am trying to psych myself that I am blessed to be able to WFH (should I thank the pandemic??) to save time and money on commuting and avoiding social interactions/face-time with people. I think it helps that my staff are late millennial and Gen Z who are comfortable with virtual face-time/msging to get things done. In fact, I think they very much prefer to comms via texts than calls (which I prefer too) cause I can sense they get jittery when I ask if we can talk.

I really need to make early retirement a reality so that I can have better mental health.


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