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Rude shock from Klook ­čśístaycay byebye

I was anticipating my upcoming staycation when I received a rude shock from Klook...without any explanations. Pissed with such an email, I msged Klook's helpdesk, only to be given template answers. After probing and waiting, I was told that JW Marriott's SHN is extended to 2022, hence the cancellation.  I was extremely pissed with Klook. No explanations were given on this sudden refund and cancellation. I had to ask and their customer service were not understanding of my situation­čĄ« While I empathise with the current situation, I'm peeved with Klook's (lacking) service. I am ok to postpone my hotel stay after 2022, but the Klook helpdesk told me the JW would not entertain postponement. Their iterations seem to put the blame that JW was the one who asked them to cancel bookings. Realising I can't put any sense to their helpdesk, I just quit the chat. Grrrrr! Time to think where to spend my $100 SRV again. I guess I will have to stay away from staycations....

Part 3 - SGD$100 and NFT update

Quick update. Just early this month, I shared the promotion here  which ended on 22 Sep 2021. I've also blogged a part 2 about why I signed up . Interestingly, with the latest news on Binance , serves as an alternative for buying and earning coins. Anyway, for those who took action after my post, check out your email from CRO! Here's the snapshot informing me about the incoming rewards! SGD100 CRO coins and my very first NFT ! Whee~~~ I'll update next on how the NFT looks like once I get hold of it. Can't wait! Referral reward Unfortunately, the SGD$100 promotion has ended. However, if you are looking at as an alternative to Binance, do use my  referral link  or code below! You will get US$25 referral reward with S$500 CRO purchase (you dont have to buy it in one shot).  ybm9v5zhv7 The  registration guide can be found in my previous post here .

Shocking - POSB did not waive off annual fee

I've had the POSB Everyday card since ages ago. This may probably be my first ever credit card! While I was looking through my banking apps as a monthly routine, I saw the following charges on my POSB Everyday: Each time I was charged annual fee, I could waive it off successfully. As usual, I used their chat function to request the fee waiver. Not this time.  I've no idea what's their criteria backend, but I've used the card recently; though I can't say I'm a frequent user.  Oh well, I've raised the request to cancel my card.  Goodbye POSB Everyday card. 

The Squid Game

If you're on Netflix and don't know what to watch, I recommend "The Squid Game". This is a Korean suspense drama of only 9 episodes which I binge watched over the weekend. I'll leave the link to the trailer here. In gist, it is a survival game where 456 players (all cash-strapped and in heavy debts) accept an invitation to compete in 6 rounds of games. The reward is 45.6 billion won (equiv to S$52 million) for the final winner. PS: if you're on tiktok, there are way too many spoilers. Lucky I watched it when it was released. Pretty mind blowing seeing the hints that were already laid out throughout the show. After the intense 9 episodes, I had several thoughts. Note that the reflections may contain spoilers to the show. 1. Do not subject yourself to financial difficulties. It leads to desperation 2. Human are greedy 3. In this world, it's every man for himself. 4. The world is a rich man's play, while the poor are treated as pawns. 5. The rich gets aw

CakeDefi Part 2 - Update on my $100 experiment

Previously, I blogged about my S$100 experiment with CakeDefi . After 3 weeks, here's the progress: Unfortunately, DFI coin has dropped value (I got it at S$3.90) so the status check today isn't rosy. But hey, coins value move up and down. I'll just carry on! Me thinks that the free US$30 reward is a decent bonus so I am fine to leave my SGD$100 there to do its magic.  Snapshot of daily interest  Plus, the platform is clean and easy to use. Interests per 12hours are recorded, so you can check it out everyday. I don't bother checking it much; will just leave it to roll. As of today, staking DFI will give you 73.6% APY (note that the rate changes every 12 hours): Referral for CakeDefi If you're keen to sign-up Cakedefi (of coz DYODD), pls use my referral link here  where you'd get a  total of US$30 worth of DFI (US$20 worth of DFI when you sign up and make a deposit of US$50 or more + US$10 referral reward). You can refer to my blog here for the registration guid

Part 2 - perks and why I signed up

One week left till the sign-up bonus of SGD$100! If you're clueless what I'm talking about, you can read more  in my earlier post  about the exciting promotion along with the registration guide. Why In a bid to make things clearer, I've created a graphic map of WHY a account is useful and attractive for me with the boxes ticked as being most relevant for me 1. Sign-up promo (SGD100 + NFT) + Referral promo Without a doubt, the main impetus to sign up an account was the SGD100 promotion.  By being the first 100,000 new users to purchase SGD $100 CRO, I would get an equivalent SGD $100 CRO reward.  Plus, I'd get my very first NFT “Lion Mooncake”. Curious to know how it looks like! To maximise the rewards, I decided to stake SGD $500 CRO so that I can unlock the referral bonus of US$25 as well. Total reward pending: S$100 CRO from Mid-Autumn promo + $33 (equiv to US$25) CRO from referral code   = $133 Lion Mooncake NFT to be unveiled. Pls signup - free US$25 referral + SGD100 CRO promo (till 22 Sep 2021)

Exclusive for SG users from 6 Sep till 22 Sep 2021, is giving the first 100,000 new users promo bonus of SG100 . You can read more here: Given their current attractive offer, I decided to sign up for an account using a referral link to maximise the rewards received (both referral reward of US$25 and SGD$100 Mid-Autumn promo), since sign-up bonus can only be taken once.  PS: as with all crypto-related investments, risks applies. Pls DYODD! If you're all ready to sign up, here's a quick guide. Registration guide 1. Click on my referral link  and you'd be brought to a page for sign-up. Enter the referral code below during sign-up. They will bring you to a page to download the app.  ybm9v5zhv7 Note: by using my referral link, you will receive US$25 CRO coin. I will receive US$25 in CRO once you reserved a metal visa card. Read more in S/N 2. 2. Upon logging in the app, if the referral code is not

9.9 2021 Battle - Lazada or Shopee?

As a budget lady, I love getting my goods on sales. The competition between the online platforms are great for consumers given the discounts dangled. Did you purchase anything for 9.9? Amongst the various platforms, which one did you use?  Honestly, it's a headache to squeeze the best deal. You have to think which items are cheaper here, or there; which cc has additional promotions with the platforms plus gives you extra cashback; and when is the best timing to buy (most dangle special perks at strike of midnight). Here's a brief sharing of my game plan leading up to 9.9. You gotta start early . 1. Make a list of the items you want to purchase and cart them 2. Collect all the vouchers you can get leading up to the event 3. Play their games for extra perks - for eg. I played a game called Lazzie Star on Lazada app and got a 19% discount voucher 4. Check out your carted items to see the special price on the event day (note - there are some fakes where the prices are MORE EXP on 9

Checking out Cakedefi - a SGD$100 experiment

This week shall be proclaimed as the week of baptism into crypto lol.  Within a short span, I created accounts with 3 different crypto platforms - Hodlnaut , Celsius and now.....Cakedefi. Lured by the dangling carrots of 80 to >100% APY by staking on Cakedefi, I decided to check it out. The crypto space is really intriguing. I am just a beginner trying to dip my toes into the various ponds in hopes to gain more understanding of what others are trading/doing. I've been reading crypto articles on and off for the past year, but it's never the same as taking actions and trying things out in reality. #nevertryneverknow I thought it wouldn't hurt for me to test out all these crypto platforms with a bit of money. I ain't no baller, but I have mentally prepared myself to see deep losses. As such, I decided to put in SGD$100 into Cakedefi as an experiment to see what rewards I'll get in the next 180 days. If you are keen to join Cakedefi, here's my sharing on how to k

Thoughts 1-month into new workplace

It's been a month in my new job. It's interesting to read back a post I made in my previous role here  and I thought I would make some reference to it. Similar as before, I am still adjusting to the new environment. However, the expectations now and then are different given the change in responsibilities. The Good Higher monthly salary than before but annual package works out similar  No need to OT so far Job upgrade since I'm taking an official supervisory/middle-management role (I was doing the same previously overseeing a few staff but it wasn't an official role) Being able to WFH most of the times   though this is due to Covid (I was able to WFH everyday previously though) Better health benefits Potentially a better stepping stone  Escaped the toxic environment in previous company The Bad Sucky boss. It's hard to understand what the boss wants because he/she doesn't give clear directions and flips his/her words. He/she could say do A yet questioned why you d

Milestone unlocked - >$200k stocks portfolio value

Back in Apr, I shared that I'm inching close to $200k portfolio value 3 months down, I have crossed $200k portfolio value, mainly due to recent cash injection to my Tiger Brokers account. Update on Tiger Brokers portfolio (~SGD$136k) In my previous post, I had ~9k USD paper gain.  As of today, with the bloodshed amidst the China tech stocks, and with a good majority of my Tiger portfolio holding their tech and bank stocks, I'm seeing negative . I will be frank that I had averaged down my Tencent stocks (mind you, the minimum transaction 100 shares) at HKD 470 on 27 Jul 2021. I should have been more patient, as the price dropped all the way to ~420 HKD within a few hours. That's ~SGD$880 paper losses pretty instantly haha. Here's the distribution of my stocks: Update on CDP portfolio (~SGD$85k) Since my start with Tiger Brokers, I've not bought any stocks directly via CDP/DBS vickers which I was using previously. Their fees are just too horrendous compared with Tiger