10 Sources of Passive Income 2021

Back in 2020, I blogged about my 8 sources of passive income generating $600-$1,500 per month. It's not a consistent amount since a few of the sources were on-off like selling on Carousell.

So, here's a refreshed version of my 2021 sources of passive income, the $ that comes with it and.... crypto joining the ranks.

Here goes:

1. Stock Dividends - $4,962.3

Same as 2020, this remain one of the key sources of passive income given my REITS portfolio. I was heavy on REITS a year ago. But boy, how much things changed in a year.

Currently, I am still very heavy on dividend generating stocks ~70%.

CDP SG stocks: $2,510 for 2021 (portfolio value: ~$78k. Sitting on 12% paper loss)
Tiger SG stocks: $995.10 for 2021 (portfolio value: ~$63k. Sitting on 2% paper gain)
HK stocks: $1,445.2 for 2021 (portfolio value: ~$70k. Sitting on 8% paper loss)
US stocks: $12 for 2021 (portfolio value: ~$34k. Sitting on 31% paper gains)

Total Dividend: $4,962.30 on $245k portfolio. That's rather pathetic....my portfolio is grossly lagging behind SPY500, heck, even STI lol

2. Interest from DBS Multiplier - $1,194.87

In 2020, I had saving accounts from 4 different banks. One year down, I'm only left with DBS Multiplier as my main savings account. The rest of the $? Pumped into stocks and a little portion in crypto.

As at Dec, I've gained $1,194.87interest....on a $50k-100k deposit which sucks given that I had to jump loops like tagging my mortgage loan and salary to the bank!

3. Etiqa - ELASTIQ 2.02% p.a plan - ~$300

Still glad to have this plan. While the returns is not as high as REITS, this is a low-risk instrument. I've been getting ~$25 dollars monthly from a $15k deposit (~2% yield). 

4. Singapore Savings Bonds - $1,049.16

This year, I've yield $1,049.16 with $43,500; ~2.4% yield.

Again, returns are pathetic but I haven't found the need to cash out to re-invest elsewhere. For now, will keep this as part of emergency funds. In any case, I'm expected to get $1k interest annually for the 5 years. 

5. Singsaver credit card sign-up - $740

This is an one-off reward, but a good one. This year, I've received the following cash:
  1. HSBC revolution: $300 cash
  2. SCB Bonussaver: $280 cash
  3. Amex: $160 cash

6. Milieu Survey - $40

This is a long-time consistent effort. Like I mentioned here, I make it a point to do my surveys daily and diligently. This year, I've managed to cash out $20 twice. 

If you are keen, download the milieu app at Google Playstore or App Store and sign up using my code. Pls note that you need to complete 7 surveys before you gain the 500 points. Do yourself a favour - once you download, make it a constant habit to do the survey and not chuck it aside if you want this source of mini income! The surveys are fun actually! Super simple and takes less than 10 mins each? I love all the surveys!


7. Shopback - $10.10

I have not withdraw cash from shopback this year. However, I did use the cashback to purchase deals....and this stands at $10.10. Perhaps as a consolation, I didn't spend as much hence the lower cashback received. 

8. Carousell - $236

This is also an on-off income. The funny thing is, I probably spend more than I gain lol! I've bought a couple of 2nd hand stuff including clothes in good condition (but a bit ashamed to say I buy but never wear 🤫). 

9. Crypto interests - difficult to collate

Crypto interests are difficult to calculate as the value of coins move up and down. What I indicated here are based on the current value of coins converted to SGD. Further, my passive income from crypto only started mid-late this year and I've been pumping more money in....so I'm not able to give a good figure of how much I've earned so far (also wasn't so hardworking in tracking).

As a conservative calculation, I will estimate that I've earned a total of SGD174/month for the past 3 months (Oct, Nov, Dec 2021) - $522. While this seems a lot, I've not cash anything out to fiat yet...

a) Hodlnaut - estimated SGD$25 per week

b) Celsius: SGD$8 per week

c) Crypto.com: crypto earn (SGD$10/mth); supercharger ($0.48/mth lol)

d) Cake Defi: SGD$8 per week

Bonus - CPF interest

Total passive income for 2021: 

I need to do better for 2022.