First CPF top-up in 2022

Detailing my yearly CPF top-up here. 

This is my 7th year of top-up.

However, there will be changes to my CPF top-up strategy due to the changes in CPF tax relief.

1. Top-up $3k to Medisave via Paynow

As I have hit MA ceiling of $63k in 2021, I will be topping up $3k cash to my MA today to reach the MA ceiling of $66k in 2022.

I am doing this today before my Jan 2022 salary comes in, as it will reduce the amount of MA cash-top up and therefore, reduce my tax relief.

I've completed my Paynow transaction, which is instantaneous. Look at my CPF MA changes within seconds:

Done the same for my husband as well.

2. Top up $5k to SA

For the past 6 years, I've been topping up $7k to my and my mum's SA to max the tax relief. That's $84k cash lock-up in my and her CPF.

This time round, due to the tax relief capped at $8k for both MA and SA top-up, I will only be topping up $5k to my SA. 

However, contrary to the past where I top-up at the start of the year, I have decided to hold off the I'm running out of cash. 

As for my mum, I will also hold off the top-up to later as well, but I may increase her top up to $8k instead.

I will update here when I have done so.

Have you done your yearly CPF top-up yet?


  1. Same here, this will accelerate our SA balances increment from the monthly salary's contributions & y/e MA interest earned :)

    Perhaps can consider SRS top-up towards the year-end since you recently opened it as well.

    1. Oh yes! Need to save more cash for SRS top up too :(


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