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Achieving $300k cash before the clock strikes 30

 When I first started blogging (cue the  first blog post ), I set myself a goal to save $100k by 28. $100k cash, excluding CPF. I achieved this at 25 . I even thought my $100k would drop downwards after paying for flat, reno, kids. But who would have known that my chance to  get a flat would only happen at 27 , and my savings grew and grew? $200k at 28 At 28, I hit $200k cash savings.  It took me 3 years to grow another $100k.  If not for the fact that I've been topping up $14k annually to mum and my CPF RA/SA, spendings on wedding, house related stuff and frequent holidays, I would have much more cash on hand. But, that can't be real, that's not  living  - those money have to be spent. If not for the fact that I've pumped $80k over the past 7 years into stocks, of which the paper value is now only at $60k+, I'd been $80k "richer". The converse could be said if I've great investment capabilities to grow $80k to $100k 🙃 Anyway... As I edge closer to 30

Husband & Wife's Budget Skin and Body care products for less than $100

I'm not fussy about the products I use but it has to be VALUE FOR MONEY . Ask me to rattle the names of the ingredients and I'll tell you I have no clue. However, I make it a point to avoid products with paraben . Whether it helps prevent us from getting cancer, I'm not sure, but if I can avoid it, I'll try to lah. 3 years ago, I shared about my budget skincare routine  here . 3 years on, I reckon it's time for me to refresh my sharing - not just to include the budget body care products I use, but to share what my husband uses along with me!😊 Below are the list of items my hubby and I use along with their indicative prices. A pity we can't head to JB anytime soon as some items can be bought there at a slightly cheaper price! 🤵👰 Facial Cleanser - Celdie AHA facial, $7   & Dr Morita Hydrating facial wash, $7 I alternate these 2 facial cleansers as I read that I'm not supposed to use AHA product daily (you can read more about the benefits of AHA here ).

Hurray! SSB bond ladder working well

Earlier, I thanked myself for having the foresight to buy some endowment plans here  - such as the etiqa ELASTIQ, FWD 2.02% and CIMB FDs plans. That's not all. I'm glad I purchased the Singapore Savings Bonds back when it was released. Although the amount were not much, at least I've a portion of savings growing at decent interest rates. Here's the snapshots of the $43k amount I've parked across the SSBs since 2015 and my potential gains: 1. Interest back nearly every month A pity I did not purchase the Aug SSB back then 2. A good $800-$1200 income every year for the next 10 years 3. 1.95%-2.63% average 10 years interest Note to self - continue to pump money into low risk instruments. You'll never know when the next crisis hits