Hurray! SSB bond ladder working well

Earlier, I thanked myself for having the foresight to buy some endowment plans here - such as the etiqa ELASTIQ, FWD 2.02% and CIMB FDs plans.

That's not all.

I'm glad I purchased the Singapore Savings Bonds back when it was released. Although the amount were not much, at least I've a portion of savings growing at decent interest rates.

Here's the snapshots of the $43k amount I've parked across the SSBs since 2015 and my potential gains:

1. Interest back nearly every month

A pity I did not purchase the Aug SSB back then

2. A good $800-$1200 income every year for the next 10 years

3. 1.95%-2.63% average 10 years interest

Note to self - continue to pump money into low risk instruments. You'll never know when the next crisis hits