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Reflections on building my own 6 digits stocks portfolio

In this current economic crisis, the stock market offers attractive picks. As you know, I had $300k cash, but in a span of 2 months, I've held lesser cash and pumped in ~$50k into the stock markets - particularly in HK and US markets.

The thing is, I only had a ~$50k portfolio value for the past 6 years (from 2014-Jul 2020). 

So what made me daringly pumped $50k into the stock market in a span of 2 months?

  • Entrance of Tiger Broker 

I'm not paid to say this, but Tiger Brokers opened my eyes to look beyond local shores. I've always been thinking about investing in foreign market. But I've only been thinking. 🤔

I was set back by the commissions and fees charged to buy and hold foreign stocks and has been procrastinating. When Tiger Brokers entered the market, it took me some time* i.e in Aug (see my link for the beginner's guide), before I jumped onto the bandwagon. I was attracted by the ease of sign-up and the low fees. The app was also pretty user-friendly, making buying and selling stocks an ease. I feel that I've miss out on quite a bit by not investing aggressively for the past 6 years. 

And hence, when the current stock prices are at decently attractive value (though not as low as March), I began buying in.

  • To escape work

*The main impetus was this. I wanted to escape work.

I don't know if it's age and/or hormonal imbalance, but I've been easily triggered by selfish colleagues words and their attitude. 

I could mull the whole day repeating what they said. It's unhealthy and harmful for my blood pressure but I can't help my overthinking brain and sensitive nature.

It's times like this that I really wish I have passive income that is on par with my current salary; so that I can f it. My husband even said that if I can have a $3k/mth passive income, I can quit; otherwise, NO.

Alas, my main source of income is still via employment. 

  • No better place to park my cash

Since graduation till now, I've been a disciplined saver. It took me 3 years to grow $100k to $200k and then 2 years for another $100k

Besides saving, I had other instruments to earn passive income. But stock dividends was just one of the sources, not a main one.

I've blogged about parking my money to low-risk savings account such as Singlife (referral for $10 will end on 1 Nov), to 2.02% Etiqa (referral in link, still valid), to SSBs. I've also shared small money earning tips like socash and google pay (referrals in link too)

BUT the dwindling interest rates are "wasting" my cash. 

  • I believe markets will recover

I believe we will get through this; it's a matter of time. And yes, it is likely in bad scenario that we will only recover 1-2 years down, but I'm prepared to wait.

Which is why, setting aside emergency cash (people advocate at least 6-9 months of your expenses) as  is important. I'm glad I can stomach more risks because of my decently huge cash savings and I aim to keep $100k cash for emergency.

It may seem high for most, but since I do not know whether the stock market will dip further, a $100k cash buffer gives me some room to deploy more funds to average down.

In any case, stocks I've nibbled on are generally blue-chip and REITS. 


Time will tell if my plan is right. 

If in the unfortunate event that I lose my full portfolio, at least I can take heart that I've earned a low 4-digits dividends for the past few years 😂choy.


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