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SQ - a great way to fly? My foot! And Jul updates

Another month down and I still have not achieved much.

I havent been feeling great. Is it the macro conditions or am I just getting old and cranky?


I'm getting jaded at work, again. 

While work is manageable, I lack bootlicking and show-off skills. I feel my bosses don't quite see the value I'm bringing. I'm not sure if they are too "smart" to understand operations and I feel we are on different frequencies. That would make it tough for me to get a good end year bonus. 

Because of that I'm on the lookout for jobs. However, it seems like a "wrong" timing due to the impending recession and hiring freezes across the globe. I don't want to join a new firm and be laid off like what did to their new staff.

Speaking of cro, it's unfortunate to note their downwards revision to netflix and spotify rebates.

I'm currently on their ruby steel member, and have been enjoying spotify rebates. Just this month, I received ~100 CRO coins given the dip in value. 

I am still using CRO card for some of my daily expenses, mainly daily transport. I was really lucky to have signed up for cro back in Sep 2021 where I got sgd100 for free. Also, with the continuous built up of cro rebates, CRO is one of my best crypto investment on paper (unfortunately because most are heavily underwater). 

I'll wait and see if there are anymore attractive offers dangled by to retain customers. 

Singapore Airline sucks

I've always been proud of our national airline because of their top-notch service, until I experienced their call centre/customer service team that made me fumed.

After years of planning and spending, I've finally clocked enough miles for my business class flights. I was fortunate to have secured saver tickets and wanted to do a stopover. To do so, I had to call in to make my redemption, pay US$100 and the relevant taxes.

However, the customer service charged me double stopover fees and it has been an arduous process getting my money back. Each time, the agents said they are processing my refund and to wait 6 weeks. Until 6 weeks passed and I realised I was not refunded. Called in again and they said they are still processing it and will flag as urgent. No timeline was given because the agents are unable to advise as it is handled by another department.

As of now, I'm left dangling, unsure when I can get my money back. Utterly disappointed with their (lacking) service.

I am also wondering if monkeypox will become a global health crisis and affect my holiday plans next year 🤞 if it is, I foresee another headache calling in to postpone my flights 🙄

Singapore Savings Bond Aug 2022

Applied for the Aug 2022 tranche given it's high interest. I applied with $10k. Due to the high interest, I only received 9k allotment. Not too shabby.

Cashing out some REITS

Strangely, my cash has been depleting. I used to have $300k at my disposal, and now only have $100k. A big bulk are in stocks. Recently, I've been trying to cash out some REITS bit by bit for some slight gains, hoping to enter again at a lower price.



No transaction done in Jul.

  • Jan: $3,060
  • Feb: $3,060 
  • Mar: $3,060
  • Apr: $2,000
  • May: $2,000
Amount pumped: $23,181 (back in 2021, I've pumped $10,001)
Results: -8.34%

CPF OA investment

Made 1 transaction in Jul
  • Jul: $2,000
Each transaction has fees of $2.68.

Amount pumped: $23,180.95
Results: -0.79%

Overall for Endowus: -4.48%

Net worth

Standing at $678k compared to ~$650k last month as stocks and crypto rose slightly.

With that, I end my Jul updates. Hopefully, there'll be good news in Aug.


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