Jun updates - unhappy and getting poorer

I wished I had good news to relay, but there's nothing exciting to talk about. 


It's all over the news that layoffs are happening, even in Singapore. While my company has yet to be affected, I can't help but be worried. 

I'd be hitting my one year mark in the company soon. It seems like I will never be happy working anywhere. Firstly, we are forced to return to office - as a social hermit, I dread this. Secondly, I feel that my work is getting monotonous and I'm not learning much. While I can pass time, the issue is I'm shortchanging myself in career growth. I'm not looking for upward movement or climb the career ladder, but I want to be skilled enough to move laterally. It is sad that I'm only in my early 30s and feel uncompetitive in todays' market; I am already starting to feel that I could be expensive to hire and getting too old for some companies. 

Yet, while I could be expensive compared to younger folks, my pay has not risen.  I would be earning more if I had stayed in my previous organisation, though I tell myself I should think positive that I left as that place sucks. Compensation wise, with inflations hitting the roof, I am actually earning lesser than before. I can only look with envy at news reports of salary adjustments.

Next, my boss sucks. Or maybe I am too rigid to bootlick. For now, my plan is just to lie low. 

The solution would be to find a new job and aim for a jump. While I want to find a new role against this recession climate, I feel it could be an uphill task to enter my dream companies - I am not able to articulate how I can value add, and would I be a laughing stock to say that I want to learn in a new role?  Would companies want to invest in a soon-to-be-auntie?  


It had been a bad month and it seems the worst has not pass. I've been seeing and hearing of crypto companies layoff and many citing crypto winter.

First, my assets in Celsius were frozen.

Second, I'm sitting on a $37k paper loss if my tracking of my coins are correct. Of which, $10k+ can never be recouped due to Luna crash. Not sure which coins will crash next.

I've been very passive in crypto - just buying and not selling. When BTC and ETC dropped, my gemini DCA orders kept going. Those orders were set long ago. I wasn't monitoring; neither did I pull my funds out. 

Will I end up a fool? Only time will tell.


I've been underwater for months. First HK stocks, then US stocks. SG stocks were lacklustre to begin with.

In total, I'm sitting on $58k paper loss

And it doesn't help that the stocks may drop lower as there's an "earnings recession". 



With the recent dip (again), I've done my 5th transaction for 2022 in May. The amount is split between Dimensional Global Core and Emerging Markets Large Cap.

  • Jan: $3,060
  • Feb: $3,060 
  • Mar: $3,060
  • Apr: $2,000
  • May: $2,000
This leaves me with $2120 left from my $15,300 pool. As I mentioned previously, I may have been too hasty in splitting up $15,300 SRS contribution to 5 transactions. I didn't know I'd enter so quickly haha. Because it seems that every month, there are dips to enter 😭

Amount pumped: $23,181 (back in 2021, I've pumped $10,001)
Results: -11.54%

CPF OA investment

I've made 3 transactions from my CPF OA via Endowus to buy into Lion Global Infinity US 500 Stock Index Fund.

  • $5,000 on 11 May
  • $1,000 on 20 May
  • $2,000 on 15 Jun
Each transaction has fees of $2.68.

Amount pumped: $23,180.95
Results: -7.42%

Overall for Endowus: -9.58%


Food is getting more expensive - my subway meal used to cost $5.90, now it's $6.50. Eggs of 10 used to be $1.95, now it's $2.70. 

Electrical bill is expected to shoot up as my 1-year plan with Sembcorp is ending soon. 

Net worth

It's mid 2022. I set a goal last year to hit $850k net worth end of this year.
This will likely be the first time I fail to hit my goal. I don't even think I can hit $700k end this year.

As of end Jun, I am at ~$650k net worth. Worse than my Dec 2021 net worth of $690k.

Can only pray for miracles to hit my $850k net worth.


  1. I'm so curious about your work! As someone in her late 20s, I definitely don't think early 30s is very OLD? Really hope to hear more about your work issues and insecurities bc sometimes I'm also curious about where I stand etc.

    As for your investment portfolio... I'm mainly invested in crypto so I am going through similar drawdowns. But heyyyyy if we believe in the "longer-term", then dips are for buying. That your endowus transactions keep going through shouldn't be something to be sad about. :) Of course, we all have to manage our risks and when the pain gets toooo big then it's alright to stop purchasing stocks/crypto and sit out for a bit - Anything to regain our sanity. (Just rmb not to FOMO back in when things start looking up! ;))

    All the best! Your goals are NOT EASY to hit please... even if you miss them this year, nth much to beat yourself up about in the grand scheme of things haha

  2. Cheer up.. This storm too shall pass


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