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May updates - net-worth negative growth, getting old and no longer thrifty

I blame the green tea from koi for my insomnia. I woke up at 3 plus am and tried to get back to sleep but my mind was wandering off to unimportant stuff - like tasks to assign my staff while I'm away, to a sudden realisation that I've changed, quite a lot.

Or maybe it's age.

So, I started this blog as a way to post my reflections and for me to look back at my financial journey. I'm happy I post my thoughts on and off because I seem to feel like I'm reading someone else's blog. The things I worried about then like not having a home, seem so recent yet far away - and here I am, sitting cozily in my home typing this.

Getting old and no longer low maintenance

I don't want to look down on myself/ladies - but I'm starting to understand the adage shared by ex-male colleagues when I was in my earlier 20s, that women crossed 30 age like milk, whereas men age like wine. Back then, when I heard it, I was pissed - these colleagues were men in their 30s, talking about how we should doll and upkeep ourselves. At that point, I was a newbie in the corporate world, and beyond wearing dresses and donning kitten heels or flats, I appear to work....without makeup. Not that I've received direct criticisms. It's just rubbish talks from the male colleagues stating that we need to learn how to look good - for ourselves and for our partners. In fact, my older female colleagues would praise and envy my skin condition. They said they can never leave their home without makeup.

Oh man, those were the days where I was still young and oblivious to my future self. Now that I've crossed 30, while I don't put on makeup for short errands, I HAVE to when I head back to office. Somehow, I feel the need to look professional. It's a mix of knowing that I'm no longer as youthful as before, to finding the need to carry myself and look good in office...after all, I'm holding a managerial role. 

So, I am no longer low maintenance. I read back this post with amusement. Whatever I said isn't so applicable anymore.

Firstly, I've started makeup - but not as pro as the youngsters these days. My makeup routine just consist of spf-tinted foundation base, eyebrows, some mascara and some blushers. I just needed more colours on my yellowish skin. I still don't spend a lot on makeup, but definitely more than before.

Secondly, my skincare regime has changed slightly. I dont use coconut oil anymore as it feels to clog my skin. My facial cleanser has changed. Anyway, I last updated me and my husband's budget skincare routine in 2020. In 2022, I'm using slightly more expensive cleansers and even purchased Vitamin C serum. And it's all thanks to tiktok for swaying me. Marketing there works magic. In fact, I find myself scouring what tiktokers share. I still make sure to find the best deals online, but my old-self could do with such sample products (HA!).

Thirdly, I said I'm not hiao. I wanna go back and slap myself. If I had bought the chanel bag for $5k then, I could be sitting on $5k PROFITS. My monthly salary couldn't even keep up with Chanel constant price revisions. Anyway, my mentality has changed - I have been more willing to spend on these luxurious goods. Showing off is one thing - but when I bought my first luxury bag, I felt super duper happy. I guess it's partly the thrill that I'm able to afford these and reward myself for my work. My luxury leather wallet that I got in 2018 is still serving me really well. I'm still contemplating on buying my Chanel, likely from the second-hand market. I have gotten my LVs and want to own more. However, I'd say the joy of buying perhaps exceed holding the actual product. 

Negative net-worth growth

Unfortunately, this means that....I'm not longer saving as much. In fact, my net-worth has not breach $700k since my last post here. It has been close to 6 mths since my last update. I used to grow my net-worth by $50k per half year. Instead, I am now $50k behind my last net-worth update @ ~$648k. 

I have taken a few steps back.

I blame it on my increasing involvement in the stock market, crypto market and my spending habits. Prior to 2020, majority of my $ are cash - I invest in low-risk mechanisms like SSBs, FDs etc. Interesting that I should have been more aggressive while I'm younger (and when prices were cheaper) - but it is what it is. I suppose at least my aggressive "saving" instead of "investing" gave me a good base.

On hindsight, if I had not invested, I'd be richer. Should I blame my timing?

May is a busy month

A few things happened in May. 

Firstly, I got burned by Luna. I had chucked aside US$1,500 for UST to grow at 19.7% (talk about diversifying 🙄). I also have been DCA-ing into Luna - estimated total of US$5k. All gone. Not crying over split milk, but listing here as a historical moment for myself. 

Next, my US stocks have taken a beating. HK stocks have also been underwater for very long. SG stocks has never been doing well 🙃 I was relying on my US stocks to pull up my overall porfolio. In total, sitting on close to SGD$70k paper loss. 💨

Despite US stocks taking a beating, I've used $6k CPF OA to buy more SPY500 via Endowus. I have also pumped in $1k cash for my SRS for Dimensional funds.

Lastly, I've applied for $10k of Astrea bond 7 bonds, will likely be getting $9k worth.


Despite seeing my $ for Luna going to nil, I am thankful that:
  • I still have 6 months of emergency funds at disposable
  • CPF is healthy although I've now touched my OA for investments, exposing it to risks
  • I still have a job (though I shouldn't jinx this as recession is looming)
My life still move as per usual.


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