My SRS Endowus Game Plan - Update

One month ago, I blogged about my SRS Game plan via Endowus here.

Just an update (for my records) on the transactions I made on 24 Feb:


I talked about making my first 2022 transaction of $3,060 in Jan. Just yesterday, I did my 2nd $3,060 transaction in view of the dip in market. The amount is split between Dimensional Global Core and Emerging Markets Large Cap.

3 more $3,060 to deploy. I wonder how many more dips can I buy since it is just the start of the year and I've already deployed the second lol

CPF OA investment

I also made another $2k transaction from my CPF OA via Endowus to buy into Lion Global Infinity US 500 Stock Index Fund.

I will continue to make small entry investments along the way.

Endowus Referral

If you are keen to embark on Endowus using your SRS, CPF OA or even cash, you may wish to use my link to enjoy $20 in Access Fee credit (equivalent to $10,000 advised free, assuming Access Fee of 0.40%).