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Covid+ - The Experience

Alas, after 2 years plus of avoiding Covid, my family has gotten it.

I guess it's inevitable given that these few days, the stats has been 10k+. It could be even more since there are people who do self-testing and isolate at home without informing MOH.

How it went

7 Feb, Monday - Close contact gotten ART positive. We tested ART negative. 

8 Feb, Tuesday - We tested ART negative. 

9 Feb, Wednesday - Mum tested ART positive. We tested ART negative. Husband started having sore throat. At night, he had fever. I feel ok. Husband and I started to isolate.

10 Feb, Thursday - Husband had high fever, 38deg+ on and off despite getting panadol. ART still negative. Then came itchy throat that developed into cough. No flu symptoms for me, except shoulder and neck aches.

11 Feb, Friday - Husband has been coughing all night. Decided to see doc under PHPC where he only need to pay $10 for consultation and medicines (though meds have no use). A lot of patients and hence had to call in. Be prepared to wait. Thankfully for my hub, he was able to see the doc within 15 mins at 11.30am+ and get his swab along with all the positive cases (lol). Apparently, the doc do all at one shot. At 1.49pm, he received an sms from MOH on the dreaded news - he's positive. As for myself, I still feel fine. I have been getting itchy throat and bits of cough as well, but so far, I have not developed as serious symptoms as him. Strangely, I have leg and back aches....could it be because I stand in the kitchen for long to cook meals? Based on this site, it seems joint pains are a symptom. Did not receive any HRW yet though he indicated me as a close contact.

12 Feb, Saturday - Husband is still not feeling well. He's been sleeping on and off and has no energy. Very poor thing. His sore throat gotten worse. For me, except for some phlegm in throat, and knee and backache, I'm ok. Received HRW sms at 10.44pm, by then I was in dreamland.

13 Feb, Sunday - Husband is still not feeling well though his throat is feeling slightly better. He still has fever. I submitted my ART result via HRW link - I am negative; I don't feel much symptoms except feeling phlegm in throat (quite common for me after I ate a few fried stuff and chocolate). Husband felt the kit must be "faulty" or I didn't dig deep enough, and used the same brand. His came out to be positive very quickly 🙄 I don't think I'll escape Covid, but I just pray for mild symptoms - best is tio without knowing and get on with life. We were supposed to have a Vday celebration today. 

14 Feb, Monday - Vday. Muted celebration. Didn't prepare anything fancy since we're clearing whatever stocks we have in the fridge. Husband still has some fever and is coughing. I'm fine.

15 Feb, Tuesday - Husband is better. Looks like he's back to normal although he is still coughing on and off. Ate tang yuan. I feel fine

16 Feb, Wednesday - got woken up by the heavy rain. Good to sleep in, but I couldn't sleep further. Husband tested and he's ART negative. I tested as well and is negative - but I'm starting to have flu. 

17 Feb, Thursday - I'm feeling fine. No flu. Maybe the daily manuka honey helps. 

18 Feb, Friday - last day of my HRW.

Husband is still coughing on off till today (20 Feb). I've been getting ART negative

What we eat

As a precaution, I have been trying protect my health by having these supplements and food:

Simple meals I cooked:
  • Breakfast: 
    • Manuka honey
    • scrambled egg with tempeh, lady finger. 
    • Granola/oats with banana. Apple and carrot juice with pulp
    • Yam bun
    • Char Siew bun
  • Lunch: 
    • Chicken macaroni with spinach
    • Porridge with red dates, scallops, goji berry. Prawns with tempeh and lady finger. Steamed egg with goji berry and tofu. 
    • Soup with minced meat, potato, carrot, tomato and spinach + banmian thrown in
    • Soba noodle with natto (since I am avoiding going out, I got both soba and natto japanese grocery online shop called umamill. Natto was only $1.40 for 3 packs, cheaper than Donki. If you use my link, you can get $10 off your first purchase. Min $30 spend for free delivery. Delivery is super fast with next day delivery.)

  • Dinner: 
    • Salmon with snow peas from fairprice
    • Spaghetti 
    • Udon from umamill
    • Takoyaki from umamill
    • Ordered food delivery

Other things I did

  • Ventilate the whole house by opening windows
  • Get morning sun 
  • Pour boiling water onto plates to sterilise (I dont have disposables)

For those who are having covid, I hope you recover soon!


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