Protecting myself with GIRO payments

Ever since I started my new work, I've been in a daze.

I've stopped tracking my budget daily. And I even forgot to pay my credit card bills resulting in late charges and interest fees! I was on the verge of tears when I saw late charges of $160 on my two credit cards.

I've no idea what's wrong with me for lacking the discipline to do all these.

What happened to the diligent me tracking every single purchase and tallying it with my credit card bills?

Why do I feel drained after work although this job is less tedious than my previous one where I've been loaded with too much responsibilities that I lose sleep and had acne outbreaks?

However, I realised this is just the start. I've seen 3 resignations in my team within 1.5 months here, and I've been asked if I'm ready to take on some of their portfolios. I'm thinking if it is worth taking on more at the same pay, and then stressing myself all up again?

What exactly should I do?

Also, I realised I don't feel happy at work. While the load is manageable here for now, I find it difficult to click with my new colleagues. I find it hard to trust them like my previous team. I find the colleagues here rather scheming, and some are really wayang. Work politics is stronger here man. Gosh, who would know until you've stepped in?

Anyway, enough about work. I get more depressed as I typed.

Back to my late charges. While I managed to waive off the charges (TYVM), I was reminded to use GIRO to prevent such cases from occurring again.

As I was previously using BOC Smartsaver where one of the criteria for interest was to pay 3 cc bills, I didn't consider GIRO. Now that BOC is no longer my main bank, I've just signed up for GIRO payments for these 2 cards to avoid such heart attacks.

Hopefully, that's one less thing to think about other than work.

Now, back to questioning the meaning of work again....