Singlife 3% Endowment Plan. Would you sign?

I was scrolling through FB recently when I saw an ad that attracted my attention.

Reminded me of the FWD 2.02% plan one year ago - which I applied for.

Now Singlife is offering a 3% GUARANTEED plan which last till 30 Nov, at up to $6k:
This Single Premium Endowment product’s availability is based on a first-come-first-served basis and is only available for purchase while the acceptance tranche is still open. Singapore Life reserves the right to decline any application that does not fulfil the requirement of a complete application without prior notice, including the invalidity of payment received. (1) The guaranteed maturity yield is 2.20% p.a. and 2.50% p.a. for 3-year-term and 5-year-term respectively. The 5-year-term is only available through our financial adviser partners. During the period between 26 Nov and 30 November 2018, there is a special campaign that gives 3% p.a. guaranteed maturity yield for the 3-year-term and this offer is strictly applicable for one policy per customer for up to S$6,000 single premium. (2) The policy owner can request to partially withdraw the policy and get back part of the single premium paid without incurring surrender charge and without interest upon specified events. Please refer to the product summary for more details. Terms and conditions apply.
On top of treating it as a "savings" plan, it covers death benefits:
Product Features
 Product: Endowment Series Three
 Coverage Term 
 3 or 5 years
 Premium Term
 Single premium (one lump sum)
 Death Benefit
Accidental death:
 Higher of 105% of single premium or surrender value
Non-accidental death:
 Higher of 101% of single premium or surrender value
Guaranteed Maturity Benefit (at the end of the selected coverage term)
3-year term:
 106.75% ** of single premium
5-year term:
 113.14% of single premium
 Partial/Full Surrender
 Free Withdrawal Option
Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more details
 Entry Age (min)
 18 years old
 Entry Age (max)
 80 years old
** There is a special campaign starting on 26 November 2018 that gives maturity benefit of 109.27% of single premium for a 3-year Endowment Series Three policy. This offer is strictly applicable for one policy per customer for up to S$6,000 single premium only. This promotion is for a limited period only and on a first-come-first-serve basis.

With $6,000 invested, we are expected to get back $556.40 guaranteed "interest". Not bad ah?

With 2 days left to go, would you sign? 

PS: I just received the full allocation of $10k for my Dec 2018 SSB. Should I park another $6k here, given that this 3% might turn out to be a better deal than my stock purchases? 🤔

(If the take-up rate is high, I suspect they'll roll out more of such plans in the near future, just like FWD)