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Pfizer covid-19 vaccine first shot done

Just so I can remember this "historical" moment. I've completed my first shot on 26 Jun. This was probably the earliest slot that I find at my CC. The wait While my slot was at 4.30pm, I reached ~4pm (thanks to gojek for the free ride😊). When I reached the CC, it was pretty packed. Queued for around 5-10 mins before we were ushered to sit down. The whole process was orderly, and everyone were patient. Seats were spaced apart in orderly manner and everyone was compliant. I think I only managed to enter the main hall for injection at around 5pm.  Registration Inside the main hall, I was ushered to the registration counter and passed my IC over for verification. They will ask if you are feeling ok and check if you have any known allergies. Once registered, I was surprised to know that I'd head over to the booths for injections. Thought I'd need to wait again. Booth for injection Inside the booth, the nurse would verify your identity and ask the same questions - whet

Achieving $600k net worth at 30, and reaching CPF BHS of $63k πŸŽ‰

I blogged about crossing half a million net worth in Dec 2020 at $550k. Half a year later, I'm proud to announce that I am at $618k net worth. This is the following breakdown: These are the accounts I have: 1. CPF - OA, MA, SA MA - hit BHS of $63kπŸŽ‰ SA - 40% more to FRS OA - wondering if I should transfer excess of $20k to SA, but am also thinking of growing it for 2nd property. Thoughts from experts? 2. Stocks CDP - bleeding money Tiger Brokers - paper gain of $4k USD 3. Cash savings DBS Multiplier Standard Chartered Bonus$aver Singlife 4. Fixed Deposits Singapore Saving Bonds Etiqa Elastiq 5. Crypto Gemini - also bleeding money lol Net worth does not include insurance or flat value.  I kinda regret wiping my OA (kept $20k though) for my flat and making a lump sum cash payment for our mortgage. But what's done is done.  I may have been able to hit $186k FRS by end this year, and could have more cash on hand, but I doubt I will invest aggressively to get higher gains. Actions m

I've resigned

3 years ago, I blogged about my thoughts during my notice period here . 3 years down, I've resigned and am serving notice again. This time, the macro environment is a tad different. With WFH arrangements, the act of resignation was a bit weird YET it suited me well. Weird that I didn't have to meet the bosses f2f to pass the letter physically. However, I love it because it made my resignation simpler. I did stress out a bit thinking what I should say to my bosses before I send the resignation letter via email, but it was pleasant that I could wrap up the call within a short while without looking at their faces. I also like the fact that there is no need to meet colleagues/get confronted or asked questions that I don't wish to answerπŸ™„  You can probably tell, I don't like my bosses nor most of my colleagues.  That said, there were a few nice colleagues who reached out to me to congratulate me. Yes, congratulate! Seems like they aren't happy there as well :( Anyway, m