I finally cross $700k networth, after 1 year 4 months

I wondered how I should kickstart this post - should I be positive or negative about this?

After 1 year 4 months, I finally crossed $700k in networth - returning back to where I've been at, back in Dec 2021. 

I am disappointed. 

For the past many years, I've always been growing my networth, at around $100-$150k/year. I had big plans to hit a net worth of $850k by December 2022, but the universe had other plans for me. Instead, I only managed to reach $646k, leaving me with a $204k gap to my target. 

Ever since I became more aggressive in my "investment" portfolio in 2021, being sucked by greed to deploy most of my cash into stocks and crypto, I fell heavily, along with the crashes. Crypto wiped out 5 digits savings, so did the stock market. 

To be honest, ever since the crashes and a bad hit to my net worth, I actually didn't do anything special to improve. I didn't make drastic spending cuts, I didn't stop my holidays, I didn't continue investing (not sure good move or not). 

I was just waiting for this day to come. Bit by bit, waiting for my CPF and monthly income to fill the gap.

I told my husband at the couch that my finances is back to where I was i.e Dec 2021, 1 year 4 months back. He encouraged me to think this way - that I've experienced different things for the past 1 year 4 months.

That is true. I experienced good and bad, but if I were to parcel it - the bad were mainly wrt work, for instance being laid off without good reasoning nor compensation, and being too soft to put up a fight. I trust karma will serve my ex-boss what she deserved. The good is having a new job laid out, going for holidays and living my life as per usual. So far, my new job has been treating me well except for a few political characters which will be present anywhere. I'm not going to let them disturb my peace. 

Over the past 1 year 4 months, I've also spent a bomb on IVF and fertility treatment. Close to $40k for a chance to carry a child of my own. I failed, but I will try again. That's another spending to be deployed. 

At times I feel stagnant, just like my networth; and aimless. Seeing friends moving on to the next life stage, celebrating their little ones' achievements make me feel my life isn't as fruitful. At times, I train my brain to stop thinking too much, to live my life each day at a time, to be present and appreciate what I have.

So as what my husband said, despite only hitting $700k networth when I should possibly be at $850k, I've gained different experiences, some through my money spent, some through life's curveball. 

There are too many things in life to worry about. As long as I've my husband by my side, things can be conquered. 

May I have more good news to share in my future posts, and stop wallowing in pity.


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