Starting 2023 with extra $9,979.20

Happy 2023~!

I woke up feeling not very positive. It seems like I've brought forward my 2022 negative thoughts along. I ought to be more optimistic!

Anyway, my best way of welcoming the new year is to count the new inflow of $ and here's my CPF interest for 2022:

Have you check your CPF interest yet?


  1. I did check but I am fully aware that CPF money is just a number. By the time I'm 55 I am already a billionaire so that money won't matter anyways, and I may as well just straight away donate the money to CPF... Oh, and as a multimillionaire, ex-Google, ex-Meta tech lead said, money is useless, and you shouldn't own anything, including luxury bags, including a house. Want to know why? Click the link below. JK. Search "TechLead" on YouTube and find out why.


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