July updates - CIMB 1.8% Fixed Deposit, $7k for CPF SA, stocks transactions and saying goodbye to my 1st job


Some updates on what's going on with my life....

A. I accepted the job offer

Ever since I received the job offer, I've been feeling jittery. I kept playing the angel and devil's advocate and in the end, decided to take up the offer. I still worry about the instability in the new place, but at worst, I'll just find another job if I can't survive there. The new salary, although not a lot, is also better than if I stay put. I figured I might only get this salary 2 years later. So, hopefully, things pan out well....

B. Transferred $7k to my CPF SA

Next, I've transferred $7,000 cash to my own CPF SA. This is the 3rd time I'm doing so. You can read more about it here and here. I probably should have transferred the amount in Jan, instead of waiting till now...but well, better late than never. 

My CPF SA now stands at $46,000. 

C. Parking $40k with CIMB F.D at 1.8% and 1.6%

Also, good lobang must share! I've done some housekeeping with my money and recently parked $20k at 1.8% p.a and another $20k at 1.6% p.a for 6 mths under CIMB. I figured I may need the money come Jan 2019, for house reno so I didn't put the whole $40k sum under the 1 year deposit. Also, I thought the CIMB F.D was more attractive than the SSB since there's no transaction fees involved.

The total amount locked up in bonds, FDs and endowment stands at $94,000

D. Stocks transactions

This month, I sold my Sunningdale stocks for a $220 profit. Also bought the EC World REITs early this month. 

I rarely talk about my stocks because I'm still figuring my way around. My aim is to build a portfolio with steady stream of dividends. So I was really amazed when I saw a post here, which showed their 6-digits portfolio with most stocks in green! And we are of similar ages! Makes me feel kinda disappointed with myself.....Sorry, I wouldn't want to show my low 5 digits portfolio which are mostly in red...lol. They are getting $1k passive income per month, but my annual dividends only comes up to probably $1.3k? :( I need to work smarter man! Just their stocks portfolio itself is my total net worth already. I also admire how they work together as a couple to achieve financial freedom. I feel tired nagging at my partner on this already. ZZZZZ

Till then!


  1. Hi, I would have parked the $20k in SSB and redeem it after 6 months or even 7 months just to get the accrued interest too.

  2. its good to compare and set a higher bar for youself..
    but dont beat yourself up too much.
    different folks, different strokes

    1. Congrats on your new job and salary increment!

      Wise words from foolish chameleon! hahaha. No need to be disappointed with yourself!

      Do not belittle your annual dividends. My first year of dividends back in 2014 was only $360.88. We all got to start somewhere and you are already $1.3k ahead! Not forgetting topping up of SA which is another excellent move that many will not even consider it.

      I think you are doing great! Keep it up!

  3. Transaction fee for SSB is $2 each time for buy and redeem. $2 of $20000 is 0.01%... So let's say for SSB bond of 1.78% for first year, you'll actually get back 0.89-0.02=0.87% in 6 months. Whereas for CIMB FD of 1.6% you'll get back 0.8%. Anyway, it is just a few meals for this case!

    1. 😛 never calculate properly hahah thanks for sharing!


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