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Checking out Cakedefi - a SGD$100 experiment

This week shall be proclaimed as the week of baptism into crypto lol.  Within a short span, I created accounts with 3 different crypto platforms - Hodlnaut , Celsius and now.....Cakedefi. Lured by the dangling carrots of 80 to >100% APY by staking on Cakedefi, I decided to check it out. The crypto space is really intriguing. I am just a beginner trying to dip my toes into the various ponds in hopes to gain more understanding of what others are trading/doing. I've been reading crypto articles on and off for the past year, but it's never the same as taking actions and trying things out in reality. #nevertryneverknow I thought it wouldn't hurt for me to test out all these crypto platforms with a bit of money. I ain't no baller, but I have mentally prepared myself to see deep losses. As such, I decided to put in SGD$100 into Cakedefi as an experiment to see what rewards I'll get in the next 180 days. If you are keen to join Cakedefi, here's my sharing on how to k

Thoughts 1-month into new workplace

It's been a month in my new job. It's interesting to read back a post I made in my previous role here  and I thought I would make some reference to it. Similar as before, I am still adjusting to the new environment. However, the expectations now and then are different given the change in responsibilities. The Good Higher monthly salary than before but annual package works out similar  No need to OT so far Job upgrade since I'm taking an official supervisory/middle-management role (I was doing the same previously overseeing a few staff but it wasn't an official role) Being able to WFH most of the times   though this is due to Covid (I was able to WFH everyday previously though) Better health benefits Potentially a better stepping stone  Escaped the toxic environment in previous company The Bad Sucky boss. It's hard to understand what the boss wants because he/she doesn't give clear directions and flips his/her words. He/she could say do A yet questioned why you d

Milestone unlocked - >$200k stocks portfolio value

Back in Apr, I shared that I'm inching close to $200k portfolio value 3 months down, I have crossed $200k portfolio value, mainly due to recent cash injection to my Tiger Brokers account. Update on Tiger Brokers portfolio (~SGD$136k) In my previous post, I had ~9k USD paper gain.  As of today, with the bloodshed amidst the China tech stocks, and with a good majority of my Tiger portfolio holding their tech and bank stocks, I'm seeing negative . I will be frank that I had averaged down my Tencent stocks (mind you, the minimum transaction 100 shares) at HKD 470 on 27 Jul 2021. I should have been more patient, as the price dropped all the way to ~420 HKD within a few hours. That's ~SGD$880 paper losses pretty instantly haha. Here's the distribution of my stocks: Update on CDP portfolio (~SGD$85k) Since my start with Tiger Brokers, I've not bought any stocks directly via CDP/DBS vickers which I was using previously. Their fees are just too horrendous compared with Tiger