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Recommending KTPH for Wisdom Tooth Surgery

If you have wisdom tooth that has yet to be removed, please get a referral from the polyclinic and arrange an appointment at the govt restructured hospitals.

For me, I headed to KTPH for my surgery after reading all the good reviews despite staying very far away from KTPH. One dentist that stood out was Dr Sylvia Tay - google her and you can read all the positive reviews about her.

Trusting the online reviews, I knew I had to get her to do my surgeries.

I have 3 wisdom teeth to be extracted. One at the top just required normal extraction. The other two on the bottom were the ass - both were impacted, with one protruding slightly out and the other totally covered by my gums.

My journey started when I experienced pain on my left gums and reckoned it was wisdom tooth pain. I did a check with my neighbourhood dentist who told me he could recommend me to his counterparts for the removal - estimated cost, $1k+ per tooth. I've blogged about this previously during my 1st surgery so wouldn't dwell too much into it.

I initially wanted to extract all out on one setting - pain once better than pain twice right - but was advised against it. Dr Tay suggested that I do it separately and I heeded her advice. They'd know better, which thankfully I followed suit, otherwise I don't know how am I going to eat man!

It's Day 2 of my 2nd surgery of my right wisdom tooth. Yesterday, I could barely talked. Today, I could chatter and eat well using the left part of my mouth. As expected, Dr Tay's skills are godly. My session took around 20 minutes...though it felt longer than that cause Dr Tay kept drilling into my tooth. I remembered it was worse than the previous time. I was so scared because I could feel the pressure and even wondered if I'll lose sensation on my right gum after I'm done lol

I'll still continue to eat soft food but I reckon I could consume proper meals very soon. Can't remember my experiences during my 1st surgery already, but it shouldn't be that bad since I can't remember much HAHA!

Anyway, my total bill comes up to less than $600...all claimable by Medisave. I'll strongly recommend those who have yet to extract their tooth to do so at KTPH. Other dentists there are highly recommended as well :)

Special thanks to my partner for taking half-day leave for me <3


  1. Hello, I'm in the same situation as you were.
    3 wisdom tooth - top normal extraction, 2 bottom surgery.
    I've checked out the prices at other clinics, normal extraction 150-200+, surgery 700+ upwards.
    Could you share your total cost, waiting time, and recovery time?
    Much appreciated. Thanks.


    1. Hi Cheryl, you can refer to the cost breakdown here:

      The impacted tooth surgery is around $600 for 1 tooth.

      Referral and booking appointment takes around 2-3 months. Recovery wise, it took me 3 months + or more for the gum hole to heal.

      Total costs of my 3 extractions costs $1200+ and all are paid via Medisave

    2. Referral from polyclinic GP or polyclinic dentist?

    3. Hi! Could you choose your surgeon with the polyclinic referral? Thanks!

    4. Hi! Could you choose the surgeon with the polyclinic referral? Thanks!

  2. Is this surgery that important ? I am an oral patient and I am under treatment of Orthodontist in Littleton .recently I noticed two extra tooth but i don't know it a wisdom tooth or not should I consult my doctor about it ?


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