7 Days Taiwan trip at $115/day all-in

I went for my 7 days holiday to Taiwan in Sept and was thankful that the typhoon didn't disrupt my trip but it was super hot there! I always thought Sept would be a pretty good time to travel - think autumn leaves and cooling weather. I was so wrong. It felt hotter than Singapore, and the sun was just so unforgiving. I turned from a pale girl to a roasted one there. So, if you're travelling these these few weeks, please put on your sunblock, sunglasses and a cap!

My 7 days trip brought me to places like Hualien, Yilan and Taipei. I would say this was a pretty relaxing trip since my partner and I went back to the hotel at around 7-8pm each night. Our motto for our holiday was "No rush, no madness". Honestly, it was made possible because it was pretty boring in Hualien and Yilan.

Here are some of the places you can go in Hualien, Yilan and Taipei:


1. Wang's Tea House - this was my breakfast and lunch to-go place. Love their red tea with bubble and their breakfast set.

2. 霸味薑母鴨『花蓮旗艦店』Ginger duck - A must eat here if you love herbal stuff! The soup was so shiok that I'm salivating thinking about it now. A big pity that we went during hot summer. It would have been more satisfying drinking this hot herbal soup during cold season.

For a bite sized video of this soup, see our instagram video here :)

3. Taroko Gorge - I don't find Taroko to be particularly exciting. Having stayed in Hualien for 2 days, I figured you could just do a one day tour here. Book your Taroko tour package via Klook with lunch. We didn't book it with lunch as the reviews said that it was curry rice. Figured it would be better to pack our own lunch but gosh, the restaurant serving curry rice was so pretty. Not the typical chap cai png place I envisioned :( You can get a $5 discount on your klook purchase using the link here or key in 3Q55U.

4. 七星潭 beach - if you take the tour with Klook, they'll bring you to this beach which is made up of not sand but stone pebbles! Bf and I specially took a bus here the day before our klook tour as there was nothing much to do in Hualien.


1. Seafood meal at Wushi habour 烏石港 - We spent S$120 here for a seafood meal where we chose lobster, clams and oysters. Take note that you will need to choose the seafood you want first and they will send it to a nearby restaurant to cook. Payment of seafood and meal preparation is separate.

2. Lingbei Kaohao Japanese Grill Tavern 林北烤好串燒酒場 - decent japanese skewers opposite our hotel. Supposedly famous in Yilan

3. Luodong night market


1. Shida Night Market for shopping and braised food - I find the clothes in Taipei no longer attractive so my money was saved from clothing. Here at shida, remember to eat your braised food at 师大灯笼卤味 and you must order the noodle!

2. Taipei Main Station for shopping + Watsons!

3. 李儀餅店 sun cake - box of 10 for NTD300. My must buy every time I'm here

4. Bubble tea every where but our personal favourites are Chun Sui Tang and 50 Lan (50嵐)

5. Aquatic Addiction 上引水產 - MUST COME! I'm a big fan of sashimi. The sashimi here were fresh and thick plus soooo affordable.

6. Smoothie King shaved ice dessert

7. Ding Tai Feng - unfortunately, this time round, we headed to Gao Chi instead after seeing the queue for dtf since Gao Chi sells similar items like DTF and we havent tried it before. But I still very much prefer ding tai feng

In summary, here's a breakdown of the total expenses incurred for my 7 days Taiwan trip:

Scoot air tickets425.65
Travel insurance51.84
Hualien Hotel for 2 nights119.72
Yilan/Jiaoxi hotspring Hotel for 2 nights116.07
Taipei Hotel for 2 nights129.96
Klook tour to Taroko Gorge53
Klook Taiwan 4G Unlimited Data Sim17.7
Spendings in Taiwan (food, transport and shopping)*688
One pax per day114.4242857
*We exchanged $800 worth of TWD at a rate of 1 SGD to 22 TWD. The worst rate ever compared to my previous trips. Seems like the rate dropped even lower now

I previously blogged about my tips on saving for a holiday here so check it out for promo codes and what you can look out for when planning your holidays!


  1. Wow!! I'm impressed!! Considering the amount of places you've been to with a price of only $114/day!!
    I've been to Taipei last year around the same period for about $137/day. Wonderful job :)

  2. Thanks for this.

    Looks like you had a good deal and it was very cheap per pax there.

    Im going to taipei yilan and hualien cingjing too in Mar next year so gearing it up :)


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