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5 Last minute Practical Christmas Gift ideas Below $30

It's just one week to Xmas! No wonder the crowd at Orchard yesterday. There were full of people at Takashimaya, ION looking for gifts....or are they impractical ones?

Every Christmas, we fret over what to gift to friends, colleagues and families. I, as a self-proclaimed ultra practical person will never buy gifts that are impractical. I'll SMH and feel disappointed when I received impractical gifts like chocolates (very insincere leh, unless it's Royce lol), The Body Shop lotion (no use la!), piggy banks (I'm big enough leh!) and notebooks (not laptops but jotter books! They're fancy, but I get so many free during fairs and I can't finish using!). Since I'm already spending money liao, might as well gift something useful right?

Better late than never, so here's my guide to 5 last minute below $30 Xmas gift ideas if you want to gift something practical. Disclaimer, what's practical for me may not be for you and if you're purchasing these online, make sure you factor in delivery time! I've attached qoo10 links below but am in no way sponsored by them. I'm just an online shopping queen on trawl for best deals :P

1. Multi-port USB charger

I suggest buying this from Anker because it's affordable yet a quality item. This is practical at home or workplace or even when travelling where you can charge multiple devices.

2. High capacity portable charger

Another product good for travelling and work (if you're on-the-go) since our phone battery gets drained so quickly. Recommending Anker again cause it's affordable and light. If not, you can also consider the Mi Power Bank. Personally, I prefer the slim ones.

3. Thermal flask

I've been using the Endo Thermal flask for the past year and it served well. It's much cheaper than other brands yet works well in keeping my water hot at work. I heard that Fairprice is having some promos for this so you may check it out. Not sure if the deal has ended though. 

Otherwise, you can check out other brands from Qoo10

4. Air purifier/humidifier/aromatherapy functions

I personally have 1 at home and workplace. The one at home is mainly for aromatherapy purposes where I pour some citronella essential oil which I bought from qoo10 to repel against mosquitoes. The one at work helps to provide some moisture in the air-con environment.

5. Vouchers

I'm not sure if this comes across as insincere, but I surely wouldn't mind vouchers from NTUC and Capitaland Malls where I can buy things that I want. Whenever there's a gift exchange, I'll be looking out for the flattest gift that looks like vouchers HAHA! I remembered aiming for a big gift once and it turns out to be a towel. My face went........but then again, it was of good use.

Hope the above helps if you're still fretting over what to buy.

Merry Christmas!


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