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Driving License. To get or not?

It's rather funny that I'm talking about this at this age, when most of my peers receive their licenses after "A" levels at 18. But, I've never been bothered to learn driving.

Here are the reasons why:

1) My family has no car and the only one with a license is my dad

Many of my peers have family car. They were used to being driven around by their parents, and learn about driving through their trips. But our family never had a car. I had no sense of cars, driving or traffic rules and laws. Driving was unfamiliar to me and the closest experience I had was Go-Kart. Most of my peers who learn driving has a car at home, and it stems from a need to learn driving because their parents asked them to. Some were even sponsored a car after learning driving. Also, because my mom doesn't have a license, and we get on well without a car since we live is such a convenient location, it just doesn't strike me that I MUST learn to drive.

2) I'm clumsy, careless and blur

I don't know if it's the way my brains are wired. I've poor hand and leg coordination. Safety is the utmost important to me. I always tell people that I didn't learn driving because I'm doing others a favour. You get it.

Driving will just be a stressful chore for me.

3) No sense of direction

Again, it has something to do with my brain. I can get lost even in a shopping centre, and will usually walk to same route others taught me to. To drive from office back home, I probably can learn it after a few tries. But, what's the point if I need to go elsewhere?

4) Even with a GPS, I can't make it

You'll probably think that a GPS can direct me to the place I want. But, I snicker at myself for being unable to comprehend the GPS. FML. This is why my fiance says I'm a very bad navigator when we drive to Malaysia.

5) I won't get a car because of the costs

People say that the moment you drive your car out of the showroom, you're losing money. I dont see cars as an investment, but I'll not buy a car because of the costs associated with it. For one, petrol and maintenance is costly. Next, parking is increasingly expensive. Third, parking lots are sometimes difficult to find.

6) I prefer BMW

And, I've been so used to my BMW (Bus, MRT, Walk) that I don't see a need to have a car (that's why no need to learn driving la).

7) No time to learn now and it's not cheap to learn

Yes yes, time can be SQUEEZED. Maybe I should say I'm pure lazy to learn. Also, it's not cheap to get a driving licenses right? Years ago, I heard it was around $3,000. Is it still as much? Or is it much more now? Any one?

With that, why am I thinking out loud if I should learn driving or not?

a) I feel judged

My boss knew that I had no license and kinda egged me to learn it. I know what she's trying to hint. Most female bosses drive. They own cars. Driving a car and the type of car you drive is a status symbol. It shows that you're capable and powerful. She even asked "what if you need to drive for work?" I actually retorted that I could take a taxi :( Hailing a taxi could still be faster than walking to the car park and driving off what!

b) I feel judged again

Fiance's family thinks I should learn driving. Even he thinks so too. Their whole family knows how to drive and they have a family car(this links to point 1 above), so I felt like a laughing stock. Fiance thinks that I should learn to drive because if we own a car together (think ferrying kids around), I could use the car as well. I actually argued that there's no need for a car since I grew up fine without one LOL

c) I know driving is a good skill to have

Regardless if I'm owning a car or not, driving is a good skill to have. What if I need to drive because of work? What if I need to operate the vehicle for emergencies?

d) I secretly hope to own a red car like this

Yes yes, just because I want to show off. Whenever I walk past, red flashy cars, I would exclaim to my partner that it's so pretty and cool. Of course, I'll slap myself after that since he'll just reply "learn to drive"

So, should I learn driving now or not? I think I have my answer.


  1. Hi,

    The earlier you learn and obtained the license, the cheaper the insurance will be when you own a car eventually.

    Next driving skills will be handy when you are travelling overseas for work or leisure.

    Lastly, no harm acquiring another skill. If you are not learning, you are not growing and if you are not growing, you are dying. Embrace the change :-)

    For your considerations.

    1. Thanks for your advice. Perhaps, I'll add it to my Goals list :)

  2. Car licence is getting expensive over time. There are things to do when you are younger. Of course it is expensive now but bear with it and driving a car is an experience that may come in handy in future.


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