Adulting starts. ~$2.2k Monthly Household Bills, Referral Codes (MyRepublic, Sembcorp, Circles Life) and $7k top-up to SA

My official adulting started when I moved into my own crib.

Older folks will probably laugh at the Millennials. Yes, I won't dispute the fact that we have been well pampered by our parents. I know very well that despite not growing up in a middle-income family, my mum has spoilt us by doing practically everything for us. For that, I'm super grateful.

So, with the move to my new home comes new responsibilities in the new year. Honestly, it hasn't been that bad living an independent life. Sure I dont get breakfast or hot meals prepared at every meal time, nor things get magically cleaned, I am getting used to this life. I guess that's because I'm not a stickler for super clean house (I can live with organised mess lol and have yet to unpack all my items HAHA), and I have modern gadgets to save my life, such as:
robot cleaner to clean the floor everydayfiltered water so there's no need to boil waterinstant hot waterwashing machine that's on when we reach full …

End 2018 review - net worth at $372k

This year passed by exceptionally fast.

So many things happened this year that if I don't keep a blog, I'll probably forget the details of what happened. Key things that happened this year:

- Secured my flat in my dream location
- Got married
- Got promoted

2018 review

Here's a recap of what went by in 2018

Net Worth

- Grew my net worth by $85k in one year. 
Some things to note: 
- did transfers/contribution to my CPF SA & MA and my mum's SA 
- deducted ~$20k off my CPF for my flat

Investments and Gains

Gained an estimated $10k from CNY angbao, bank interests and stocks transactions and dividends

Hopes and Goals for 2019

  • Stay healthy and happy
  • Have a little piglet in 2019
  • Travel to Europe for honeymoon
  • Plan another short getaway for hubby and my family
  • Hope to move into my new house by mid this year and enjoy the reno process
    • Keep within a $50k budget all-in
  • Hit $250k in cash savings this year
  • Pray for lesser stress at work than in previous company


  1. Congratulations on hitting so many milestones in 2018! the irony is that with promotion, the stress level at work will go up higher! That is a quite a big amount of cash saving you have!

  2. In time, your stock % will go up.


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