Mid-year review: Goal met of $200k cash at 28. $400k+ net worth and Astrea bond V

Half a year gone.

I still have not gotten my keys to my new home and am still childless. Ok, TMI.

On financial front, I've been seeing a steady increase in my net worth. As at my last update in end 2018, my net worth was at $372k.

Half a year later, I've successfully crossed $200k cash savings (previously it dropped as I topped up my MA) and exceeded $400k in networth. I may be able to hit $450k by end year but will just need to carve out some money for renovation and home stuff.

Most gains came from employment. While I lament how sick I am of work, it is my main source of $. I've not added any stocks and can never not live off my portfolio for passive income. It is with salary crediting that I've received 1.85-2% interest on my DBS multiplier anyway.

I've been thinking if I'm making my money work hard enough. I occasionally browse the SGX hoping to see some stocks to purchase, but am not comfortable enough to make the move.

Since Jan till date, my transactions …

The First Post - Welcome

Hello. I've been inspired by the many financial/budgeting blogs I've read but never got down to blogging about financial stuffs on my own. I've owned blogs since I was 12-13 and still kept some of them (although most of it are collecting dusts) but I've decided to open a new blog just to document my financial journey.

I am a private & conservative person who does not wish to divulge too much things about myself. I guess my financial style is very conservative as well. I don't take much risks which makes me very boring, but well, I survive :P

Some things about me:

  • In my twenties
  • In a stable job, doing what I like (as of now)
  • Engaged to a really nice boy so I guess I'll document my future wedding and house-hunting journeys!
  • My next financial goal is to save $100k by 28 - probably inspired by the many blogs I've read
  • I don't tout myself as a finance blogger because I know nuts about investments BUT I do know how to budget my pennies wisely ;)
  • I'm not sure what kind of tips I can dispense but I hope this inspires other people (ladies especially) on the benefits of budgeting/taking charge of your $
Till then!


  1. Hi Cherry! Welcome to your first blog relating to your financial freedom journey.
    Reminds me of another high profile female financial blogger (sgbudgetbabe) and your age is a big advantage since you are in your 20s ;)

    Since you have stated sgd 100k as a savings goal, my guess is that you have a few more years to go before reaching that age? From your first 2 months budget tracking, I dare say you are frugal which is impressive to me (a late 80s boy).

    You can also start reading up Motley Fool.sg, fifthperson.com, bigfatpurse.com, thefinance.sg to advance your personal finance skills. Since you are collecting dividends, you can start to grow it as investment income source too. All the best and looking forward to see the day you achieve your goals! =D

    1. Hi

      Thank you for your sharing! Ah, I'm able to save because of my bf's expenses on me LOL, so it's nothing much to shout about hehe.

      All the best to you in your financial freedom journey too!

  2. I am sure you are not that bad as a future wife. Don't think you will want to deplete him also lah :P Joke aside, being a good saver is also part of being financially savvy!

    Thank you very much for the encouragement! Let us do our best and enjoy the process here, instead of depriving ourselves some enjoyment.

  3. Hi Cherry,

    It's great that you are saving with certain goals.

    Will drop by to see how you do. All the best. :)

  4. Wow Cherry, your goals are clear cut and nicely put out. I only muddled along until 28 before I gave everything a serious thought. Good to see that you are starting so early. You are at least 5 years younger than me. Envy!

    1. Hello again! Well, goals are one thing. Have never been someone who fulfils my new year resolutions cause I'm too lazy. But I sure hope I'll reach those milestones I set for myself soon!

      Anyway, it's not too late since you're still young now too! Let's jiayou together!

  5. Hi Cherry,

    Just came across your blog. 100k by 28 is possible. I set it for myself a few years back and just recently hit it. Yes I'm 28 this year. So it can be done. I've been blogging for 3 years now at my blog SG Young Investment. Blogging will allow you to experience many different things in life. Keep it up!

  6. 100k cash in bank or include cpf?


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