$5 Pap Smear Screening for the ladies

I've heard about the $5 screening offer from HPB last year but didn't bother.
Until I came across articles on pap smear and cervical cancer and it got me thinking that I should perhaps do a test.....for $5.
I initially thought that all I had to do was to show the clinic my IC and I'd be eligible for the $5 screening. Turns out, we need to present a letter for verification before we can enjoy the rate.
I then checked out the HPB website and contacted their hotline to request for the screening letter. I vaguely recalled receiving it sometime back, but probably lost the letter 🤭
The officer on the hotline told me that the letter generation will take 2 weeks. Oh gosh, another example of the slow service from government agencies. I told them to expedite as I want to have the scan soon. No promises, they said. And I wondered, how many procedures backend would it take for them to "approve" my letter? 🤔Shouldn't such letters be built inside the health buddy app wh…

Tips, promo codes and how I save from my 7 days Taiwan trip for two

One of the best feelings in the world is travelling for a holiday. But before this, we often go through the worst feelings planning for a budget holiday (if you're a rich kid, please ignore this post 'cause it's not relevant for you yo!)

I recently went through a hair-pulling experience planning for my Taiwan trip for 2. My partner is supposed to plan it for me, but I trust no one when it comes to making wise (money) decisions. I don't know what type of personality I have, but I really need to be in control and know I'm making my money worth when booking for flights, hotels and what's not. I'm not niao ok, just particular about how I spend my money 😂 Who wants to pay full price when we could pay cheaper by being a little more diligent?

I'll summarise the following tips on what I did to save money from my Taiwan trip.

Look out for airlines promotion

- Sign up for your favourite airlines newsletters to know the promos first hand and hit it when the price is right!
- I scored Scoot return air-tickets for $430 for 2

Prepare your credit cards

- I love milking rewards. I've 2 go-to CC for online spends. The BOC Family Card gives 5% rebate for online purchases, with min. $500 spend while the Standard Chartered Singpost card gives 7% rebate for online purchases, with min. $600 spend
- Don't you know that I love BOC?

Sign up for a Shopback account

- Always purchase your items through shopback. If you don't have an account yet, sign up via this link here to get $10 bonus in your account. I use shopback for almost every online transaction I have. From paying for hotels, to flights. If insurance can receive cashbacks from here, I'll milk it too ok!
- PS: after signing up via the link above, head to shopback.sg/visa for higher cashback (selected merchants only)

Source different sites to compare hotel prices

- Use hotels comparison sites likes hotelscombined.com. I usually purchase my hotels via expedia and agoda
- Next, use shopback to enter these sites and pay via your credit card to receive double cashbacks! $$$$
- PS: My budget for hotels are not more than $100 per night and my criterion for hotels are that it must be clean and near mrt

For a more unique accom experience, try AirBnB. 

- Get $50 off your first AirBnB trip using this link if you spend $100 above
- Personally, I'd go for AirBnB only when I travel with more members since hotels would be more expensive

Get your vouchers from Fuzzie

- I recently came across this app which gives cashback from the purchase of gift vouchers such as Zalora, ezbuy and Grab. Just yesterday, I bought a $50 Klook voucher at $45. Sign up with the link here to use the free $5 credits
- On top of that, I gained $4 cashback from this transaction. Cool!


- I use Klook to purchase a tour package that cost $58. With the $50 Klook voucher from Fuzzie that I paid $45 for, I paid an extra $8 for the package.
- I also used Klook to purchase Taiwan Data Sim for 7 Days. With the promo code (sign up here or key 3Q55U), I saved $5.

Look out for insurance promotions

- Scored my insurance for 7 days at $52 with 52% discount from AXA Traveller. Unfortunately, this deal has ended.
- My go-to insurer is usually NTUC Income but AXA offers a better deal previously. That said, NTUC Income is still running an attractive insurance offer now, so go check it out!

If you have more tips on how to make the best $$ out of your holidays, let me know!


  1. Hi Cherry,

    Are there any makan places or itinerary during your trip which you recommend highly? =)


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