PSA - Free staycation for $400 spend plus $50 credit?!

Fancy a free staycation at M Social Hotel and a $50 credit? 
If you signed up for the FRANK credit card, you'll get the $50 rebate and receive a free staycation with $400 minimum spend.
The last I had a FRANK card was years ago. Back then (think 2012), FRANK account was suitable for undergraduates with their attractive interest rates and customised credit card designs. Their FRANK card was awesome as I recalled a 5% online rebates with low minimum spend.
As usual, good things don't last. When FRANK account offered pathetic interests compared to other salary crediting accounts and their FRANK credit card became unattractive due to it's minimum $400 offline spend to start clocking rebates, I cancelled it immediately.
Until recently when I spotted this:

The credit card still sucks but by spending $400 for a free staycation? Count me in! Furthermore, I received a $50 credit by signing via myinfo which is effectively a 12.5% rebate!

Take note that the free stay is not the loft…

Good things don't last - CIMB credit cards revision

As usual, good things don't last.

First was BOC Family card, now it seems like the temporary-attractive CIMB cards are going the same way too...


Both CIMB Visa and Platinum requires min $600 spend and gives 10% rebate ($50 cashback per category, up to $100 cashback) on:

  • Visa Signature
    • Dining
    • Online spend
    • Grocery
  • Platinum
    • Travel
    • Health, Beauty & Wellness
    • Transport & Petrol

W.e.f 5 Jun 2019

Both CIMB Visa and Platinum requires min $800 spend and gives 10% rebate ($20 cashback per category, up to $100 cashback) on:

  • Visa Signature
    • Dining (now reflected under Platinum)
    • Online spend shopping ("This excludes all other online websites, not limited to movies, food & beverage, travel, airline, government, brokerages/securities, insurance, tuition and online gambling websites")...wth?
    • Grocery
    • Beauty & Wellness (new)
    • Pets Shops and Veterinary Services (not applicable to me)
    • Cruise
  • Platinum
    • Travel (only in foreign currency)...sian
    • Health, Beauty & Wellness and Medical ("This does not include transactions made at government hospitals, clinics or polyclinics.")
    • Transport & Petrol
    • Electronics and Furnishing (Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Challenger, Ikea, Courts and Parisilk)
    • Wine and Dine
You can refer to the changes here.

To sum up for my reference:

The revisions meant I may use the cards for:
  1. Visa Signature
    • Facial packages
    • Groceries
    • Cruise
  2. Platinum
    • Dining
    • Medical bills at private hospitals????
    • Electronics and Furnishing when I need to buy items for my new house @ Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Challenger, Ikea, Courts.
Only if I know I can clock a minimum $800 bill. Chances are, it will be for cruise and electronics/furnishing.

Gosh. It's getting more difficult to get rebates these days.

Which means I will need to find other cards spending for travel!😩Any ideas?


  1. cruise is a weird category. who spends on cruise every month?


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