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Achieving $300k cash before the clock hits 30

When I first started blogging (cue the first blog post), I set myself a goal to save $100k by 28.
$100k cash, excluding CPF.
I achieved this at 25.

I even thought my $100k would drop downwards after paying for flat, reno, kids. But who would have known that my chance to get a flat would only happen at 27, and my savings grew and grew?

$200k at 28
At 28, I hit $200k cash savings. It took me 3 years to grow another $100k. 
If not for the fact that I've been topping up $14k annually to mum and my CPF RA/SA, spendings on wedding, house related stuff and frequent holidays, I would have much more cash on hand. But, that can't be real, that's not living - those money have to be spent.

If not for the fact that I've pumped $80k over the past 7 years into stocks, of which the paper value is now only at $60k+, I'd been $80k "richer". The converse could be said if I've great investment capabilities to grow $80k to $100k 🙃

As I edge closer to 30 ⏰, I've ano…

Start of 2019 - doing nothing and daydreaming

The first week of 2019 has passed.

Again, just like that, in a blink of an eye.

I didn't had a pleasant end to 2018, nor start of 2019 as I was sick with cough and phlegm. Still have not recover till date.

The first week of work was pretty chill given that we only worked for 3 days. Things will pick up speed soon and I'm not really looking forward to it, but, I gotta work for bread and butter right?

This weekend was spent doing nothing.

I was mindlessly looking at financial blogs, in awe of some's investment prowess. If I could do as well as them, would my net worth double? hehe. In any case, I shan't compare since I think I'm not doing too shabby either. Btw, in case some people think I got to where I am because I earn a lot, I can only say - I wish. I'm far from a $100k annual salary, though I do hope to hit it in the next 3-5 years :P

I was also mindlessly scrolling instagram, youtube etc. I've not stepped out of my house except for work so far in the new year. Laziness at its finest :) but this is saving me money too. I'm not a shopaholic - I pretty much shop like a man since I need to have in mind what I want before I go hunt for it. Mindless physical shopping and purchasing is just not me.


Designer bags

But I'm not exactly an ultra saver. I have a lot of wants too. I've been researching on branded bags that I wish to buy for myself. 2 brands that I'm keen on are LV and Chanel. For LV, it is the quality that I love. My hub has their wallet 10 years ago and it is still in pristine condition. If I do want to spend, I'd make sure it's of value. For Chanel, it is more of a lust list, and slightly as an investment give how its price jumped every year. I'll be heading to Europe this year, so perhaps if you have any suggestions on where is a good place to buy these branded bags, let me know in the comments below?


I've also been browsing through travel sites hoping for some inspirations on where to travel affordably. Some potential places I'd want to head to are below, not in order of preference:
  • Bangkok
  • Seoul
  • Croatia
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Phuket or any beach/resort style places for mini honeymoon
  • Taiwan
Let's see where 2019 will bring me to.



I've no idea when I'll collect my keys. We have not been very active looking out for IDs as well. I used to think I'd rather get a contractor to just do basic carpentry in my home, but reckon an ID might be better since he would help to coordinate things?

I'm extremely clueless about what I need to do for renovation though. All I know is I want a functional home that I can just move in. Things like appliances and stuff, I haven't really thought about it.

Furnitures and appliances

I also have not started researching on prices of aircons, fans, heater, sinks and the list goes on. Hubby wants the whole house to be fitted with aircon but I feel it is a waste of money. I guess growing up without aircon just works me well. Plus, my house is going to be pretty windy. But hubby is insistent on it. 

Same goes for ceiling fan. My house is probably not going to be very asthetically pleasing like what you see on qanvast hahah! Because I rather go for functionality than looks. Hubby feels we need to install ceiling fans, but I feel I can work with standing fan - isn't it easier than cleaning ceiling fans? 😂 But he said it's so ugly and it takes up space given our tiny house.

For shower heater, should we get instant or storage? I prefer instant, while he has thoughts about storage. Anyway for this, I'd probably make the call on instant hahahah

What about hobs? Should we get gas or induction? I'm undecided. May likely go with induction since we wouldn't cook frequently. 

The list just goes on for the new house. And it's funny how I spent more efforts on my wedding than my house haha

I'm budgeting a 50k sum all-in for my 4 room BTO. Let's see if I can keep to it!

If there are any tips to dish out, feel free to comment!

That's all for the first week reflection in 2019. May the rest of the year goes smoothly well for everyone!


  1. Ceiling fans are better than standing fans for ventilation. It's the way to go and it does not take up space. Induction is the way to go if you seldom cook. Can do without false ceilings or feature walls. I regretted doing both up. Totally.

    1. Thanks for your sharing! Always good to hear from those who have been there done that :D

    2. But when the ceiling fan fail, it's a maintenance nightmare. Cost a bomb to replace.

      And you hopefully don't have tall family members who will get their hands sliced off if they 'kee chiu'! Choi choi.

  2. My view, and strictly mine:

    Go basic for 1st HDB. You can't afford better, so might as well keep to basics. Family is going to expand with children in time to come presumably? Is the house designed to accommodate them in due course? Things are going to get damaged.

    Save up for a future upgrade to a more comfortable house, when the kids are more grown up and desire more privacy. Where you want your house to be the home you can afford to be.

    Then again, since your hub is all for doing more, guess some compromise is needed. He wants, he pay lor?

    Peace and harmony.


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