Baby or no, is that your business?

For the first 20 odd years of my life, I've walked a predictable route.

I was drilled from young that, to succeed in life, I must study hard. I didn't study hard enough to get scholarships but it was passable. I walked the standard educational route, just like everyone else - passed my PSLE, passed my O Levels, went to JC and went to the local uni.

The next was to find a job, get a flat, get married.

And have a baby.

But in this common route, there is something unpredictable and out of my control i.e having a baby (and possibly getting a successful BTO ballot, though we can always go the resale route).

If you realise, in the left column of my blog lies some goals I set back in 2016. Of which, having a kid was set at 30....because I was guessing it would not be easy to hit the jackpot after hearing stories from others.

Ever since I got married, I've received irritating comments from colleagues who are not close to begin with, asking me when I'll be taking my maternity l…

Double happiness but no mood/time to celebrate

For the past 2 months since the end of December, I have not been resting well.

December was supposed to be a dull period; workload should have lessen since the bosses are mostly overseas; but it wasn't. Due to a big project I'm handling, I've been working really late every day. I've also been waking up early and reaching office before my official start time - not because I want to, but because my brain is constantly alert and worrying about the mountain of work that needs to be done. I haven't been sleeping well.

It's Feb now. Things are not turning better. In fact, I would have more OTs and more stress as things are moving so quickly. Staying late in office is one thing, attending constant meetings, preparing for constant meetings, presenting, then working on the agenda items after meetings is other. Things are made worst because I'm the only one in my department involved in the project.

Over the past week, I got to know of 2 good news. One, I received confirmation of my promotion - would have guessed it since I'd already met the criteria, of course, I could be more appreciative...but somehow, I don't feel particularly excited. Two, I received news of my successful ballot of my BTO. Typically, I'd be the first to break the news to my partner. But being so busy and engrossed at work, I missed out the email HDB sent :(

Two good news worthy of celebration. Two good news that I should feel really happy about. But I had no time to celebrate. I had no mood to celebrate.

Somehow, work sucked the soul out of me. And it sucks.

I know very well that I prioritise my life over work. Personal matters over work. But, I can't make it happen with this project I have. I have the responsibility to continue the project because I'm the only one with the information - now, there's no joy in this because it sucks! I have to be involved in so many meetings, I just cannot take leave.

I wished I could run away. But, before I do that, I need to find a job. Yet, the jobs out there just doesn't appeal to me. It's easy for people to say - just quit la, work is work, your personal life is more important. But, even if I'd take on a new job, I wouldn't know if it'd be more stressful. Furthermore, I'd need to prove myself from scratch again. With my upcoming wedding, I'd need ample leaves. It's really a dilemma.

People would say that I'd be rewarded with performance bonuses for the amount of work I put in. But think about it, is it worthwhile? Is it worthwhile for me to receive an extra bonus of low 4 figures for the amount of time, effort and unhappiness I received? I had this conversation with some of my colleagues recently and they all said it isn't worth it for that extra bonus. We have colleagues who slack their way through, doesn't get arrowed to do anything, yet getting average gradings. Work they can't do gets passed to those who can work. Somehow, this is a vicious cycle. Slowly, I see a few colleagues who are stuck in their positions getting lazy. They no longer takes initiative. "Don't rock my boat" is their mantra. They just want to earn that monthly salary while cruising along. They don't bother taking on extra work because there's no point - their thinking is that they're stuck in the position anyway, why work hard?

I wonder if I'll end up like them in the future.

I wish I could tell my bosses "don't rock my boat", but I still have a long way to go, before I reach the salaries my colleagues receive.



  1. Hi SimpleBudgetSimpleLife, it's definitely not easy going through with a heavy workload and colleagues who seem to have it easier. Life is full of ups and downs, to experience the ups we will first need to experience the down. Don't keep all the stress to yourself and do share them to release like what you are doing now. Hopefully the festive period coming soon can give you a break and 'FIGHTING!'

    When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Wishing you all the best!

  2. If you buy a BTO in a non-mature estate and both you and your wife belongs to middle-income earners, both of you should be able to clear your housing loan by your early 40s. In addition, both of your should be able to hit the Full Retirement Sum in your special account in your early 40s if you do regular top ups. By that time, you will feel less relaxed about monies and find a job you really like with less money constraints. In the meantime, just hang in there!

  3. then what? more promotion comes with more work. the cycle continues.....


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