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Pumping SGD$28k in HKEX and SGX the past 10 days and Fee comparison between DBS Vickers and Tiger Brokers

Just as I pumped in ~SGD$28k into the stock market in the past 10 days, the share prices dropped šŸ¤¦‍♀️Anyway, ever since I blogged about my $300k cash savings, it has been at the back of my mind that I may be too heavy in cash.It's a great safety net, but because of the poor interest rates across savings accounts, I seem to be "losing money". With the entrance of Tiger Brokers (see my guide here and here), it gave me an impetus to enter foreign stock markets - because of their low transaction fee and given how sluggish SG market is. US market is one of the hottest market to enter, but for the past days, it has been rallying so high that I don't bear to enter. Despite the drop today, I'm still waiting for the time to enteršŸ¤­As such, I decided to enter the HK stock market and pumped in ~SGD$23k. Don't ask me where my courage came from but I guess I didn't want to sit around and miss out the chance since the March market dip. Who knew things would go even so…

2019 Combined Net Worth - $1,200,000

I've always been tracking my net worth on a monthly basis. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and security seeing my $ increase :) 

In terms of net worth, these are what I count towards:
- Liquid cash: refers to $ parked in savings account.
- Fixed Deposits
- Stock holdings

You would have read that I've around $440k net worth as at end 2019. I would have crossed $500k sooner if not for the fact that a sizeable amount is transferred to my new home.

In this case, I figured, whatever I had paid for my home thus far, excluding reno, should be included into net worth calculation. I'll talk about how much we have spent later.

Also, since I've started staying together with my husband, his money is MY MONEY since I can control it better, and given his reluctance and laziness to calculate his net worth and track his money, I will now be his official Finance Minister....

With a few clicks here and there, face palming how messy his accounts are, how horrible his stocks are faring, here are the distribution of my hubby's net worth. 
In actual figure, he has similar net worth as me at around $440k. And both of us are very heavy on liquid cash. 

This brings our total net worth to around $880k.

Given that the figures as at Dec 2019, has already excluded $ spent on housing (our OA were wiped out, leaving only $20k), and we paid $200k lump sum for our flat after much consideration here, we had paid around $325k  to date. That's a lot of money and could well be paid off for a non-mature estate flat. Except, I still have 50% more to pay for my prime hot spot. Not complaining, since getting a mature unit is like striking lottery, but I very much like to win the upcoming $12m TOTO pls!!

Hence, our total net worth stands at $1.2m.

Whichever way you define your net worth is up to you. Calculating it this way sure seems to inflate the figures, but then again, the money we paid thus far for our flat is our money. 

Do I feel happy that we crossed $1m? Yes, but am I contented? No. Despite such eye popping calculation before 30 years old, we are still not able to retire because the value of my home and CPF can only be unlocked if I sell it and reach 55. Also, we do not have enough passive income to retire. I am in awe with fellow peers, gaining $1k passive income per month or more. Despite my talks/thoughts to increase my passive income from stocks, I've always been timing the market and not making a move. 

It's still back to work, because as long as I continue to get a steady stream of income, and paying off occasional lump sum, we should be able to pay off our flat in the next 5 years. 

As for retirement, let me think a bit haha


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